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15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing

15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing

15 Annoying Aspects Of Women's Clothing

To be frank, clothing geared towards women can be a mixture of blessings and a curse. Sure we get more options than mens clothing, the variety is greatly appreciated. What isn’t great though are the amount of ways women’s clothing can be utterly annoying. Anyone who wears women’s clothing can understand these 15 grievances.

1. Pockets

We have pockets for a purpose, so that way we can put important items we don’t want to lose in them. Except women’s clothing isn’t designed for that kind of luxury. Instead pants, jeans, shorts, or really any item of clothing that should have pockets doesn’t. If there are actual pockets you’re lucky if you can store a piece of lint in there, good luck fitting anything bigger than that.

15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing


2. Fake Pockets

If there aren’t any pockets there are the dreaded fake pockets. There isn’t a betrayal quite like going to put your phone or chapstick in your pockets only to realize they’re fake. What’s the purpose of those little lies? Style? Nothing says fashion like having to hold onto your phone all night because your pockets are fake and can’t store anything.

3. Thin

If you find yourself in an area that has actual winters good luck trying to find any women’s clothing that is actually warm. Most sweaters that aren’t designed for skilling are ridiculously thin. Sure you can wear jackets, you can layer and wear a scarf but wouldn’t it be nice to just buy one item of clothing that can get the job done?


15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing

4. See-Through

Speaking of thin, another lovely trait that comes with thin clothing is that it is typically see-through. Most blouses, sweaters, and even regular t-shirts are made of tissue paper thin material. Although it can be trendy to show off a cute bra but that isn’t always the case. You shouldn’t be able to see your kidneys through your shirt because it is so sheer.


5. Unnecessary Add-Ons

We’ve all been there, searching for the perfect plain t-shirt only to find it has some ridiculous quote or word on it that completely ruins the otherwise nice shirt. It isn’t just stupid phrases on shirts, there are oftentimes useless add-ons that destroy an item of clothing. Added lace, unnecessary buttons, irrelevant buttons and again the dreaded fake pockets.

6. Purses

For the argument that women don’t need deep pockets because we have purses might I say purses within themselves are a pain. There are many problems with purses. Most nice ones cost a significant amount of money therefore making it difficult to actually use them for fear of ruining them. Pain is putting a Chanel bag on the floor of a dirty coffee shop, restaurant or worse a bar. Even if you opt to purchase one that is more affordable you run the risk of it not being “professional” enough to go with everything. Overall, pockets would be better than a purse any day of the week.

15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing


7. Dressy Shoes

Professional or nice-looking clothing can be pains but dressy shoes are the absolute worst. Most women don’t wear heals all day but nice flats can also be incredibly painful. Dressy shoes that look good tend to only serve one purpose, to look good. Beyond that they typically don’t have much arch support, cushion or aid in mobility.

15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing


8. Sizing

Sizing in women’s clothing is a complicated labyrinth of pain, lies, deceit and general suffering. In one store you can be a size 4 and in another you’re a size 8. Size is just a number on a tag and doesn’t define you but never knowing what size you actually are makes it difficult to shop and impossible to shop online.

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15 Annoying Aspects Of Women’s Clothing


9. Body-Con Clothes That Ride Up

This is common in all dresses but body-con dresses and skirts are the ones that can really do you dirty. A dress can go from cute to scandalous all in the matter of sitting down or even walking. Be wary of this style if you have to walk a bit because next thing you know your dress is now a tube top.

10. Panty Lines

This falls in line with how thin most items of clothing can be. Visible panty lines can ruin a great dress, skirt, and especially leggings. There are options to avoid them such as wearing a thong or being daring and going without any underwear at all. Although for people who don’t want to do either of those options they are stuck perpetually staring at their own butts to make sure everything is laying flat.

11. Backless Anything

Backless clothing can definitely be cute and is very stylish. The only problem with backless women’s clothing is that it leaves you with the age old question to wear a bra or to not wear a bra. Some, not many, but some backless pieces come with built in bras. If that isn’t the case you have to bare the world without a bra or use pasties which can be incredibly painful.


12. Necklines

There are items of women’s clothing that are meant to be revealing and there is nothing wrong with wanting to show off some skin. What isn’t fine is when necklines stretch without consent. If you are bustier a modest v-neck can quickly become a workplace liability. Forcing you to wear undershirts to prevent any accidental flashings. Even if you’re smaller on top necklines can fall limp and look stretched out because they’re designed to fit a chest that most people don’t have.

13. Bra Straps

Bra straps are supposed to serve a purpose but usually they just are annoying. At any given moment without waring a bra strap will slide down forcing you to stick your hand in your shirt or attempt to fix it over your shirt, which typically doesn’t work. On the other hand bra straps can also be harbingers of death, digging into your shoulders and leaving marks or worse.

14. Strapless Bras

The simple solution to bra straps would be to go strapless, right? Wrong. Strapless bras are one of the biggest lies in women’s clothing, probably more insidious than fake pockets. The idea of them are great but they are rarely executed well. Even though straps can be annoying they prevent your bra from sliding down to your stomach. If you’re bustier there typically aren’t strapless bras that even will come in your size either.


15. Bras In General

In general, bras kind of suck. They do serve a purpose, especially if you’re working out, but overall they’re a pain. Does anyone really know their actual bra size? It’s incredibly hard to try to figure out your cup size, band size and from there what “build” of bra will actually work with what you’re wearing. Overall, bras cause more mayhem than they do good.

What aspect of women’s clothing do you find annoying? Comment below!

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