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10 Anklets To Rock This Summer

With so many accessories for your wrists, ears, face, and neck the light is hardly ever shining on anklets. As mainly a summer accessory, they add to your look and give you a beachy vibe. There are also so many possibilities with anklets since you can switch them up every day to fit a certain vibe or you can stick to your go-to anklet; the one that always makes you feel cute. Whatever your style is there is an anklet for it. Or if you’re deciding to wear anklets then here are 10 Anklets To Rock This Summer!

1. Bohemian Style

This style is great for layering and if you’re someone who doesn’t wear colorful jewelry then this is perfect for you. The color isn’t obnoxious and you get a cool look. You can wear this style with anything, whether it’s jeans or a maxi dress you’ll look great no matter what.

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2. Pineapple Lover

If your favorite fruit is pineapple, this is the anklet for you! It’s simple, cute and if you’re into dainty jewelry then this is perfect for you. This anklet is fun yet girly, you’ll get lots of compliments and people will definitely be asking you where you got it.

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3. Cowrie Shell

The first thing one thinks of when they hear beach are the cowrie shells. Keep a piece of the beach with you and rock this cowrie shell anklet. Wear this with sandals and a skirt and dip your toes in the water with that significant other.

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4. Waves

If you’re an ocean lover then this is the anklet for you. With this anklet on you’re giving out good vibes only and people will know how chill of a person you are. It’s simple and will have you feeling serene.

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5. Sand And Stars

A star anklet is perfect for those date nights on the beach. It will go with anything and will really sparkle under the moonlight. This anklet is comfortable and cute, erect for layering on top of other anklets.

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6. Sea Turtles

Rock your favorite animal as an anklet and if your favorite animal is a sea turtle then this is the anklet for you! It’s cute and girly and will give you and your crush something to talk about. Support ocean animals and rock this anklet.

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7. The Name Anklet

Wear your name as an anklet, or maybe even the name of a significant other or family member. Also, if you ever lose your anklet they know who to look for. Out of the anklets mentioned in this article, this one is more personal which is great for someone who wants to wear something special just for them.

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8. Infinite

Perfect for matching with your bestie(s). The perfect gift for your friend(s) if you are all going to different colleges. It reminds you of each of the bonds you share with one another, even if you are miles apart.

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9. Hearts And Kisses

A heart anklet is a great gift to give to your girlfriend or if you just feel showing yourself some love. It’s simple and classic, perfect for a date night with your significant other.

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10. Geometric Fun

Another bohemian style anklet that you can wear. Better yet you can make this and turn it into a friendship anklet you can wear with your friends. Wear jeans and flip flops with this anklet for a more relaxed look.

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What’s your favorite anklet to rock this summer? Comment below!

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