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20 Animal BFFs That Will Make Your Heart Explode

20 Animal BFFs That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Everyone has a best friend. Your BFF. Your amigo. Your brother from another mother. You and your best friend may be total opposites. Believe it or not, even animals can be friends. They can even be different animals and still be BFFs! Animal best friends, or beasties, are honestly the cutest. Also, there are some really unlikely beasties. And I am sure they will all make your heart explode into a billion pieces once you see these. So here are 20 adorable pairs of animal BFFs!

1. Chimp and a tiger.

How could this precious picture not make your heart just melt? Both the chimp and tiger are cheesing hard. Oh my goodness, I can’t help but smiling but looking at it!

2. Elephant and a dog.

Who would have thought an elephant and dog would be BFFs? They seem to be have a great time in the water. How cute is it that the elephant lets his dog friend use him as a diving board? #TrueFriend


3. Giraffe and an ostrich.

Look at the giraffe and his tongue sticking out. I don’t know how a giraffe and an ostrich could possibly be friends, but how cute are they getting up close and personal?

4. A crocodile and butterflies.

If this doesn’t make your heart smile, then I don’t know what to tell you. THIS CROC IS LEGIT SMILING BECAUSE HIS BUTTERFLY FRIENDS ARE CHILLING WITH HIM.

5. A dog and a pig.

How cute are these dog and pig BFF’s? They obviously have a lot in common, such as barking and squealing. It is so adorable that they are copying each other.


6.  A cow and a lobster.

Okay, to be honest I don’t know if this photo is real. But I really hope it is. This is a crazy best friend set up. A LOBSTER AND A COW?! How does a lobster even find a cow? And the cow is sticking her tongue out like, “Yeah take a funny pic of me and my bro” like wow.

7. A seal and a penguin.

This seal is really loving his penguin friend. Not sure if the penguin is loving it, but the seal seems overjoyed. I am happy for him to have found a friend.



8. A kitty and a guinea pig.

Now, I don’t like cats nor guinea pigs. But these BFF’s are kind of cute. Who would have thought a cat would like a guinea pig? It is so adorable that the cat is cuddling/hugging its guinea pig little friend.

9. A puppy and a fawn.

I’m super surprised this little fawn even got this close to a puppy. When I saw this I literally said “aww” out loud. It seems like the puppy is comforting his deer (dear) best friend (lol puns). The paw on the head just makes it so adorable.

10. A cow and a tortoise.

I don’t know what is with all these cows and animals from the ocean, but it is pretty funny. This cow and tortoise seem to be pretty comfortable with each other. Although, I’m not sure how comfortable a shell is as a pillow, but I guess that’s what real friends do.


11. A monkey and a bird.

Okay this little monkey can make your heart explode by itself, but the fact that it’s resting its head on a bird is so much better. He could probably climb on the bird’s back and go for a ride, honestly.

12. A goat and a lamb.

Animals smiling really brings me joy. How can you not explode when you see this? A goat and a lamb are literally smiling just being close to one another.

13. A donkey and a pig.

The fact that this pig is snuggling up to a donkey is crazy. It is insane that these two would be friends. But the pig seems to be super happy about it, which should make you happy.


14. A bear and a dog

Now, I feel like this dog is a bit afraid as a bear cub is giving him a hug, but he seems pretty chill. How can you not find a bear cub super adorable before they become super scary? It’s like a really fluffy dog. Who wouldn’t want a hug from a baby bear? This dog is lucky to have a friend like that.

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15. A bunny and a puppy.

Okay, whoever got professional pictures taken of their two pets is goals. First, the fact that the bunny and dog and background are all the same color is amazing. The dog is super cute, the bunny is super fluffy, and they are super close! How could you see this and not be overjoyed by these best friends? They are so close they take professional pictures.


16. A cat and a lizard.

This cat really loves its lizard friend. It is such an unlikely friendship, yet it somehow works. The cat is giving the lizard a kiss, and the lizard is so happy about it! #goals

17. A dog and a koala.

I wish I was the size of a koala so I could take a ride on the back of my BFF dog. The koala is totally chilling and taking a nap, and the dog is fine with it. So cute. How could you not love this?

18. A lion and a bear.

Two very frightening animals make for a crazy friendship. How these two got into contact, I am not sure. How they are not killing each other, I am also unsure. But I guess that just proves their friendship. It makes you smile seeing the bear with his paw wrapped around the lion. They’re obviously bros and can lean on each other.


19. A puppy and a kitten.


20. A cat and a turtle.

Once again, I may cry. This cat is napping with its turtle friend. How does this not make a tear roll down your check. I mean honestly, a turtle and a cat? The turtle is just letting its friend cuddle. It’s like a cuddle and hugging session. I can’t even.


These animals honestly have cuter friendships than I have, and I am pretty jealous. I hope these made you smile or laugh, because they sure did for me. #BeastiesAreLife

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