Android to Apple: How Changing Phones Changed My Life

There are many jokes that pit Android vs. Apple with a lot of determining factors. For the longest time I refused to give into the iPhone era because it was too expensive, and I believed my Android was going to carry me through time. Recently the day finally came when I had to make the switch and I didn’t think anything of it. In ways that I will attempt to outline, changing phones changed my life!

1. That Blue Text

When I switched over to an iPhone, my partner was the only one who knew because it was his old version I was going to be using. He helped me set it up and I went on about my day. When I started getting texts from my friends, the first comment was Omg blue did you get an iPhone!? I couldn’t stop laughing when these messages rolled in because not only was it a conversation starter, but it made me realize how much everyone pays attention to the type of phone you own. Coming from the vantage point of someone who didn’t know the difference between green and blue texts, this immediate inquiry was something I was not used to.

2. No More Restarting

One of the primary problems with my last Android phone was that it would constantly freeze, and I had to restart it at least twice a day. This would result in me not receiving text messages and calls going straight to voicemail with no alert on my end. Once I changed to an iPhone, this was no longer an issue. I was on top of everything in my personal and professional life because I didn’t have to worry about my phone just stopping out of the blue. When you are forced to live with something that’s broken for so long, having something in perfect working condition removes a layer of stress.

3. Emoji Overload

As time goes on I’m starting to realize that this may be decreasing my use of actual words, but I no longer have to deal with boxes showing up in place of emojis! Whenever someone would try to text me laughing faces there was that awkward text where I had to say Hey it’s just a bunch of boxes because my phone didn’t support it. I’m aware that there are individuals who are against the use of emojis in general, but I find them hilarious and a great way to keep the conversation going.

4. Seamless Transition

Before owning an iPhone the only Apple product I had was an iPod. I know kids, what’s an iPod. It allowed me to have a vague sense of Apple applications so transitioning over to an iPhone was easier and it eliminated my need for an iPod in general. In an instant it felt like I was shifting over to the future which is a feeling I never thought I would get from something as simple as a phone.

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5. Well It’s About Time

I’m not sure if I was consciously fighting the majority or if it really was the price tag that prevented me from switching to Apple sooner, but I know that it shouldn’t have reached such a pivotal point. Going through life it shouldn’t really matter which phone you own but by switching it felt like I could finally put my guard down. I no longer have to deal with Why don’t you just get an iPhone and that is quite the relief.

6. This Photo Quality

Although the photo quality on Apple is probably more valuable for photographers, it is working wonders for my Instagram photos! Those days of borrowing my partner’s iPhone for photos or holding a lamp directly next to my phone to get perfect lightning are behind me. I enjoy taking photos of any events I go to so having a phone that enables me to do so is exciting and refreshing. This is one of the best benefits of changing phones!

It looks like I’ll remain Apple moving forward unless convinced otherwise! What do you think about changing phones? Have you ever tried changing phones? Tell us in the comments!
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Rebecca was born in Hayward, CA and still resides there today. She received her BA in English Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and is the first in her family to graduate from university. She is a Poetry student in the MFA program at Saint Mary’s College of California and is furthering her involvement in the literary community. In her spare time, she likes to lose her voice at Giants games, read Young Adult novels, make lists, and aims to cross become a writer off it.

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