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10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It’s Freezing Out

10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It’s Freezing Out

Anchorage Alaska is known for it's brutal winter temperatures. If you are hoping to break the hibernating cycle, need things to do and want to venture out into the cold, here are a list of ten Anchorage date ideas perfect for the colder months!

Alaska is a beautiful state and in the summer the days are long and often full of sunshine, but those months come at a price; winter. And anyone who has spent a winter in Alaska knows that the days can be dark, short, and freezing, often leaving people feeling like the only thing to do is to batten down the hatches, pull out the blankets, and binge Netflix until spring comes. However, if you are hoping to break the hibernating cycle and venture out into the cold, here are a list of ten Anchorage date ideas perfect for the colder months!

10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It's Freezing Out

Anchorage Museum

Located in the middle of downtown Anchorage, the museum is the perfect date to combine with a fancy dinner. Wander from room to room pretending to know about art, play around in the Imaginarium like you’re both kids again, or if the snow is falling, go to the top floor for a romantic view.

Beartooth Theatre Pub & Grill

If you live in Alaska, you know about Moose’s Tooth Pizza. It is famous for its delicious pizza and micro-brewed beer. But if you want to skip the ever-present line and catch a cheap movie, head over to its sister, The Beartooth Theatre. This theater plays a variety of older movies that you can watch while enjoying their famous pizza and a cold one.

10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It's Freezing Out

Alaska Rock Gym

If you and your date are looking for adventure in the depths of winter, check out the Alaska Rock Gym near 33rd Ave. Take a Climbing 101 course before scaling the walls together, or rent some shoes and try your hand at bouldering. The rock gym is the perfect place to spend a day building trust, breaking a sweat, and sheltering yourself from the weather outside.

Rent Cross-country Skis

On the days when you and your date are determined to brave the cold, consider stopping by REI to rent cross-country skis. There are plenty of trails in the Anchorage area that range from beginner friendly to expert and are usually groomed in the winter. So bundle up and enjoy!

Brewery Hop (Uber it)

Over the past few years, breweries have become very popular and Anchorage is no exception. So if beer is your thing, make a list of breweries you want to visit – mine would include Moose’s Tooth, Midnight Sun, and 49th State, and do your own brewery hop. Order beer flights and appetizers at each stop and compare favorites, but remember to Uber it because, you know, be responsible.

10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It's Freezing Out

Take a Road Trip

Now I know this list is about Anchorage date ideas, but driving is something people in Alaska are used to. Nothing is close together and public transportation is a joke, so pretty much everyone drives. So pack some snacks, make a playlist, and head either South to Girdwood for lunch, or North to Palmer, either way you’ll have each other for company.

McGinley’s Pub on a Thursday night

McGinley’s is an Irish pub that is often packed on Friday and Saturday nights, but Thursday it transforms. Park anywhere downtown and walk the short distance to this place on a Thursday evening and you’ll be greeted by an Irish band casually playing in a corner booth. Sit down, order a Guinness and anything with corned beef, and pretend you’re in Ireland.

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10 Anchorage Date Ideas For When It's Freezing Out

Have a bake-off

If you are looking for a fun inexpensive date-night in during the winter, have a cookie bake-off. Each of you pick your favorite type of cookie, mine’s Snickerdoodle, and make it a friendly competition. Bundle up to go to the store and gather ingredients… and maybe some wine, then strap on the aprons and bake up a storm. Bonus of this date is, well, you eat a ton of cookies.

A day of Classic games

Board games may seem boring but nothing is boring with the right person, right? So grab your favorite snacks from the store and hunt down some classic games, like Scrabble, Yahtzee, or Boggle. If board games aren’t your thing, pick up a deck of cards and Google two-person card games.

Take a Class on Groupon

This one is a favorite of mine, because it’s kind of risky. If you are feeling lucky, or simply can’t think of anything to do, open up Groupon and randomly pick an activity in the area. From bowling to Paint Nite to Pottery Class, just close your eyes and pick, but no backing out.

Are you going to give any of these Anchorage date ideas a shot?! Let us know down below in the comments!


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