An Open Letter to The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Ever feel like someone is the right person at the wrong time? Timing wasn't in your favor? Here's an open letter to the right person at the wrong time.

As a college student, many girls and guys can relate to leaving senior year of high school in a relationship and not knowing how to navigate parting each other. Some relationships made a decision to last and found a way to make it work. But, for others it was near impossible to make something work with the one person you wanted it to work with the most. This is my open letter to the right person at the wrong time.

Our lives crossed paths.

You, a popular boy, a position on student council, star player on the school football team. Me, a military brat, introvert, new girl at school. Meeting at an international school in London, we fell in love and spent every day of almost two years together but still I learned you were the right person at the wrong time.

You taught me happiness.

Like every couple, we had our peaks and our pits. But for a girl with extreme anxiety and swallowing depression, you showed me light and laughter when I needed it the most. Your presence alone could capsize any melancholy feelings within me.

Deviation killed us.

Cut to August before college. You go to Scotland. I go to America. Parting ways was a mutual decision, and although mutual decisions tend to feel more comfortable, leaving you was the most uncomfortable thing I ever had to do. The worst part was that it was only the proximity factor that killed our relationship, our love for each other never died.

We were forced to move on.

Okay, so a few months later we thought we became “best friends.” Then over time we thought we got over each other. You dated someone, I became a flirt, and for a minute we thought life was moving on.

It wasn’t until I was back in Europe for the summer when I realized our proximity and perpetual love for each other through everything we’ve been through that I truly fell for you again. Five days; I was only able to see you for five days this summer, yet our love grew stronger. My smile is bigger than ever, and my laugh echoes across valleys.

But, in less than one month you will be in Scotland, I will be in America, and we will be back at square one. It’s not like I don’t want to stay with you. Life is working against us, and it is next to impossible to carry a relationship time zones and oceans apart.

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You are still the one for me.

You are my person, my future. But the timing is wrong, and that stings my heart in every way you can imagine. I look at you and know that we each have our own worlds in our own universities, and I long to be a part of your world. But, knowing we live on different continents, I recognize how unfeasible a relationship is.  You and I are one, yet oceans apart. This, this is when my heart breaks for loving the right person at the wrong time.

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