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An Open Letter To The Insecure College Girl: Why You’re More Powerful Than You Think

An Open Letter To The Insecure College Girl: Why You’re More Powerful Than You Think

To the insecure college girl out there, this is an open letter to you on why you're more powerful than you may think you are.

To the insecure college girl,

Every little girl thinks she is the princess of her kingdom, and she’s right. Then we grow up, so where does all the confidence go? Somewhere between break-ups and best friends that turned to frenemies, we lose a little confidence along the way. If you’re insecure, you’re not alone. The great news is that you’re more powerful than you think. The little girl in you knew how much potential, beauty, and power you had inside. From one friend to another, I’m here to remind you that you are nothing short of beautiful imperfection.


You are A Gift

I used to look at my womanhood and wonder if it would be easier if I was a man. If I were a man, I wouldn’t have a glass ceiling to break through, I could travel the world by myself without a second thought, and I could never marry and be called a “silver fox”. It wasn’t until recently that I understood how wrong I was to think of myself as “something lesser than”.

I was told by a wise woman that I was a gift to the world. Friend, you are a gift to the world. You were put here with thoughts, skills, and a voice that no one else has. We are not meant to be anyone else, you aren’t nothing, and you have a voice so it can be heard. You aren’t a burden or a mistake, friend, you are a gift to the world to make it better. When we recognize that we are beautiful, we are free to treat other people as beautiful. We are all free to live in that truth together.


You are Whole

I used to look at myself and catalog all of the ways I need to improve, of everything I thought I lacked. I always felt like I was incompetent, that I couldn’t do something on my own. Through a self-love journey in my own life, I came to understand that if I simply had confidence in myself and my abilities, that I could do anything. A strange but true law of nature is that you are what you believe yourself to be. I began to refuse to see myself in any other way than whole and confident. I simply refused. Every voice that whispers to you that you are lacking something, should simply be silenced by your powerful roar. If you think of life like a puzzle with pieces, you should picture your life as a whole, completed puzzle. There are no missing pieces to your puzzle. You have everything already inside of your powerful, confident body.

You are Beautiful

I spent far too many years believing the lies that I wasn’t beautiful. What a load of croc that is. Let me tell you, beautiful friends, you are worthy of love because you are. You exist, therefore, you are worthy of being loved, insecure college girl..


We’ve all seen those girls who are drop-dead gorgeous on the outside, but when you speak to them there is nothing there, no substance. Those girls don’t hold onto a man very long. Why is that? The answer is simple; beauty consists of so much more than our outside appearances. Ladies, if no one has told you lately, your integrity is sexy, your ability to be kind is changing the world, and your commitment to be the authentic, real you, is inspiring. Your quality of character gives you a lasting beauty that can’t be compared to anyone else, because you are one-of-a-kind.

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I want to tell you that you are have a unique beauty on the outside and that should be celebrated. But at the end of the day, you should wrap yourself in contentment knowing that you are beautiful enough. You don’t need anything to make you beautiful; you don’t need more beauty than what you possess at this moment. Your quality of character, coupled with your outside beauty, are something that is authentic to just you. You are a meticulously crafted masterpiece. Every moment gazing in the mirror should be a victorious celebration of your detailed beauty. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you should be just like them. You should be just as you are, a unique beautiful woman, inside and out, insecure college girl.


You are Powerful

You now know you are a gift. It is important for you to realize that you are a powerful gift. You are here on Earth for 100 short years to make it better. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is using her power to empower those around her. You have talents and skills that you can lend the world. If you don’t know where to start, start locally.

Try out some community service in your local community or volunteer with your local women’s shelter. You may think you’re giving to them, but in my experience, you come away from these experiences feeling like you’ve gained something. You feel like you’ve given love and time to others, but you also come away feeling like your heart has healed in some strange way.


I want you to know, friends, that you are significant enough to change the world. You start locally, then you can move internationally. You can volunteer with the Peace Corps or volunteer in relief efforts after an earthquake. You are a significant and powerful gift to the world to make it better. Powerful women are changing the world, and I’m talking about you, insecure college girl!

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