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An Open Letter To The Girl Who Was Rejected

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Was Rejected

Being rejected seriously suck. This open letter goes out to any and all girls who have been rejected in the past. I get you.

We all know that gut wrenching feeling of when someone rejects you. Your stomach begins to turn and the sting of their words burn away at the nerves. At the moment you wish a hole had appeared right from underneath you and swallowed you whole. Sometimes you even wonder why you said the words out loud. Mortified you hide yourself away from anyone and everything in hopes that it will all become a bad memory. To the girl who has been rejected society19 wants you to know that you’re not alone, and this is an open letter for you.

You are allowed to feel how you do

You might hear people tell you that this is a good thing, because now you know how that other person feels. They encourage you to move on to other people who might like you instead. In theory, this should be easy right? Moving on to the next, and forgetting the old.

Again its good in theory, because at the end of the day your still sad about it. Your allowed to feel sad that the crush didn’t end in the way you wanted. Instead of forcing yourself to move on, give yourself a break for a while. Its okay to still like that person even after they rejected you. Buckle down with a good rom com and bawl into that Halo ice cream. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to get over the sting of rejection. At the end its your heart not theirs.


Be sad for however long you need as long as its in a healthy manner

Don’t be one of those girls who snoops through his or her Instagram page or old text message threads. All that will do is make you start to over analyze the entire situation. You’ll start to question what is it that you did wrong, or you start to compare yourself to the person they are with. These thoughts are poison, and you shouldn’t let that ruin that beautiful mind.

Instead take it in stride, and put that pent up emotion into something else. Take up a hobby like painting, or yoga. When you start to busy yourself with things that make you happy the pain you felt starts to fade.

Sometimes your just too much for someone else

This is a bitter pill to swallow, but its true. Sometimes when you take a step back you realize that some people can’t handle the person you are. You might be the perfect girl that they could settle down with, but right now that’s not in their plans. While they are in college a lot of the times people want to remain not attached because things happen and they don’t want to hurt you.


Honestly when you look at it that way, maybe they couldn’t handle you because they weren’t the right person for you. The person who is meant for you will be able to handle anything that you bring to the table. This is another hard lesson I had to learn from a failed relationship.

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Cutting off contact

This is a scary concept but it might be one of the things that helps you the most. Limiting contact can help too but that person’s presence will linger. It could be better to delete their numbers out of your phone all together.


If this seems to be to big of a step start slow. Instead break the snap streak, or make those text messages less frequent. What ever rule you put in place follow it. You will thank yourself down the road when you feel much better.

Whatever happened in your own personal experience just know that you’re not alone. You’re also not the first or will be the last to be rejected. It’s a part of life and with time you will adopt ways to help you through it. For now just breathe.
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