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An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

It’s sad to say that almost every woman I’ve come to know with a social media account has ran into the issue of having creeps slide into their DMs. The mask of technology allows men to reach out to women in very unsettling ways and get away with it. Most of the time, we just ignore it. We push you aside and decline your messages like it’s a habit. The thing is, that doesn’t seem to stop you creeps from doing it, so maybe these words will reveal the truth about how woman feel when you’re sliding into our DMs.

We are not interested.

Contrary to popular belief, women do tend to reach out to the men or people they are interested in. This means, we will respond to you if we have the desire to. You creeps don’t always have to be the first one to message and you definitely don’t have to message us five times after that to get our attention.

If we aren’t responding, we are not interested. Sending “hey” to us multiple times will not change anything. We saw it the first three times and we’ll see it the next four times and we still won’t respond. It’s because WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. Your aggressive ways of messaging is not going to change our mind.

An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

The simple fact that you think we would be interested, is actually insulting.

You come off too strong, sometimes even asking for sexual favors as if a woman is that easy. I really do wonder—does that ever really work for you? You are practically insinuating that we are easy and that you need to make literally NO effort in order to get us into bed with you.


Typing out words through your phone is not enough. Pressing the send button five times is not enough. Asking me what my fetishes are, is not enough. If anything, it’s disgusting. It exposes your perception of the women you are creeping on. It exposes that you see us as nothing more than a potential fuck or something to pass the time.

And if we haven’t already blocked you, it’s because we are showing our other girlfriends the conversation you seem to be having with yourself and laughing about it.

An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

It’s not that woman don’t like attention, we just don’t want it from you.

The reason is that, when you are aggressive and direct about wanting a sexual relationship (or any kind of relationship) with us—we know it’s not going to be anything special. We have plenty of other creeps messaging us the same thing. You’re a dime a dozen.

We also know that you’re doing this to many other woman, who also have no interest. It’s why you don’t give up.

You keep messaging and messaging until you finally bait them and reel them in (if you ever do). You are also demonstrating that you have too much time on your hands. A woman wants a man who is just as independent and confident as her. The way you’re acting, proves otherwise.

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I really don’t know if you have achieved much from your actions, but the persistence is quite intriguing. It’s like you have absolutely no shame for the fact that you’re coming off as a pig and what type of woman would want a man like that?

An Open Letter To The Creeps In My DMs

Please, give up and grow up.

Maybe us women are doing you a disservice by not responding to these messages. Maybe we should, instead, say everything that is said here so that you can finally see how you make us feel—which is uncomfortable, angry, insulted, annoyed and embarrassed for you.

You don’t have our phone numbers for a reason.

Maybe it’s been difficult for me to be direct in my DMs, but here’s me saying it now: Leave me alone.

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How do you deal with the creeps sliding in your DMs? Tell us in the comments below!

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