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An Open Letter To Target

An Open Letter To Target

In this open letter to Target I describe all of my feelings in regard to the retail store that never fails to let me down!

Dear Target,

You are my favorite store ever! You have everything I could ever want or need inside of your walls. I am so enticed by you that I come visit you almost every week. I just can’t stay away! You have been there for me when I have last minute emergencies and have been there on days when I need an escape. There are so many reasons to love you, Target. I don’t know where to start!

An Open Letter To Target

First, you are everywhere!

Like a Starbucks, I could find a Target anywhere I happen to be and usually no more than 15 minutes away from my location. This really comes in handy when I need to pick something up in a hurry. If I’m running late for work and I need some lunch, BOOM there you are around the corner. If I need a last minute gift for a party, you are waiting at the next exit. Anytime I need you, you are there to help.

An Open Letter To Target

Second, you offer great discounts!

This is thanks to your Red Card feature which offers 5% off every purchase. Who doesn’t love a discount? On top of that, you have the awesome Cartwheel app. This app has saved me some serious cash! All I have to do is scan items to check for discounts and viola. Because of my frequent visits, this app comes in handy when I’m running low on cash. Thanks Target for caring enough to save me money with every trip!

An Open Letter To Target

Next, you house one of my favorite things in the world…besides yourself of course!

You have caffeine. I don’t mean coffee in a Styrofoam cup. I mean you have an entire Starbucks. Because of my growing coffee addiction, having a Starbucks within your walls has been a lifesaver. I can pick up a coffee on my way out or even better, I can pick a coffee up on my way in to assist in my shopping spree. Watch out when I get my second wind though because a caffeine storm is coming your way!

An Open Letter To Target

Finally, I love that you have everything I could possibly ever need.

If I need a new outfit, you have countless options. If I need ingredients for dinner, there you are offering me all the food I could want to eat. If I am looking for my next read, you have a great selection of books.Watch a movie? You have a wide variety there too. You even have furniture! I mean, when could I move in?! You know that question people ask, “What would you bring with you if you were stranded on a desert island?” My answer would be you, Target! You have everything I could ever want or need.

An Open Letter To Target

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I just have one thing to ask of you.

I know that the Cartwheel app and my Red card save me tons of money. However, I just can’t stop spending when I visit you! So please Target, help me cope with my addiction to you by making your items cheaper. I don’t know what it is about you. You have a certain allure that just reels me in and before I know it, my cart is full. I don’t know what you could do to help me.

Maybe you could sell your items in bulk and at a cheaper price? All I know is what was once a healthy bi-monthly, sometimes bi-weekly relationship has now become an every other day relationship. And while I love you and would never quit you, my wallet and I would appreciate it if we could take a break every once in a while. Give me a chance to miss you before I have to return for some toothpaste or bread. You know I’ll always love and appreciate you!

An Open Letter To Target


Your Loyal Guest

What do you love about Target? Comment below!
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