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An Open Letter To People Who Are Rude To Service Staff

An Open Letter To People Who Are Rude To Service Staff

An Open Letter To People Who Are Rude To Service Staff

Dear people who are rude to service staff, this is an open letter to you.

I don’t know what your problem is. Are you insecure? Do you think you’re entitled, superior or… too rich not to bitch? Do you not understand the distinction between service and slavery?

I have so many questions for you. But the main thing I want to ask is, why do you act like such a jerk to people offering you a service? A service that is their profession. You are embarrassing. You are rude. And you really need to reconsider your values.


One of the most embarrassing scenarios I have ever experienced is going out to dinner and the people you are with are unnecessarily and unashamedly rude to service staff, for no reason. Even if there has been a minor problem during your meal, why do you think it is suddenly acceptable to speak to someone like a piece of shit?

Don’t you recognise that being nice and decent to people gets you a lot further than being a total asshole? As well as this, why on earth would you fuck with someone who is in control of your food? Or maybe you act this way because you get off on the idea that someone might have spat in your food? Idk… Being rude to service staff does not impress anyone. It’s embarrassing and as an adult it is a very poor value to possess. It tells me you’re arrogant, pretentious and choosing to abuse your privilege over someone just trying to earn a living.


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Service not slave

So maybe you get a little confused because you are actually paying for a service. But just because you contribute to someone’s wages doesn’t mean you suddenly own them. It also means you don’t have the right to speak or act like a cunt towards them. They are just trying to do their job. Can you imagine the amount of shit service staff already have to deal with without you threatening their tips because you don’t have a fork or something? When else in your life are you so aggressively controlling and rude to strangers? Hopefully never. So why with service staff?

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It’s their job

Like I mentioned, service staff are just trying to do their job. They have a busy and hectic day, and deal with a wide and varied customer group. This requires a lot of patience. Could you imagine having to keep “serving” someone who acts like you’re walking around with shit on your face? Imagine working your office job with someone only speaking to you like you’ve ruined their entire birthday.

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Maybe you have never worked as a service staff. However, I don’t think it is that hard to realise that “just” because someone works a service job you shouldn’t speak to them like shit.

Steps to overcoming your idiocy

Don’t worry, maybe you are just a little ignorant to how ignorant your behaviour has been. Try following some of these simple steps and questions to ask yourself to being a better customer.


1.Would you speak to your friends like that?

2.How much has not having a fork for five minutes really ruined your meal?

3.Is it directly the server’s fault?

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4.Does this person’s wage purely depend on tips? Did they upset you enough to mean they don’t get any pay for serving you today?

5.People will still respect you, even without belittling others.


6.Remember they are staff, in a job, not slaves.

7.They are other human beings just like you!

8.Just because you pay doesn’t mean you own them


9.Take 5 internal breaths before speaking when they let you know they’ve ran out of the chicken

10.Imagine being spoken to like that in your job

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I don’t know why with service staff people suddenly decide this profession requires you to change your behaviour so much. I really don’t get it. At the end of the day, just don’t be a dick. They (probably) don’t deserve it!

Have you got any more tips for people who are rude to service staff? Let us know!

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