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An Open Letter To My Secret Santa

An Open Letter To My Secret Santa

We all know that Secret Santa is usually a bust. Your coworker or family friends just don't know you well enough to get you a gift that's of value, which is why we've written a letter.

Dear Secret Santa,

I don’t know who you are, but I know you’ve fortunately chosen my name from the selections box. There are numerous amounts of materialistic things I want this Christmas. Some of those things are a want while others are a need. What I want this Christmas is something I can hold onto for the rest of my life whether it be a tangible object that fills me with joy and pleasure. What I need this Christmas is a memorable moment that I can reflect upon in my hard times for reassurance or hope for the future. If you need some ideas on what to get me this Christmas, here are a few suggestions.

Family Fun

Over the years, the amount of presents I’ve received have been less and less, but the older I become the more I realize I’d rather enjoy Christmas with family along with old and new friends. As a kid, my family and I would play board games, word games, video games, and card games. We loved to play anything that would inspire us to play as a family. Our past relatives even created a game during WWII to help cheer the troops up in a time of sorrow and oppression. It’s in my family’s blood to have fun and enjoy life. What I want this Christmas is quality family time where sit around playing hours of games and having a great time.

Books To Educate My Mind

I love to read. It’s my favorite hobby and time passer. I love engaging into worlds and characters unlike reality. I yearn to be thrown on an emotional rollercoaster through suspense, drama, and mystery. Although young adult is my favorite genre, I do wish to read books to provoke my mind. I love to learn and experience new things. Whether it be a biography, fiction, or non-fiction, I wish to expand my literate mind and vocabulary. I want it to make me take a moment, reflect on what I just read, process it, and learn from it. This is one of my top presents to get from my secret Santa!


An Open Letter To My Secret Santa

Challenging Puzzles

My secret hobby is solving puzzles. A part of my mind loves to solve mysteries and discover a solution. Puzzles have allowed me to learn patience, concentration, and gratification. Patience because it takes time to put a puzzle together. Concentration because not every piece fit into each other included edge pieces that have the same colors but different shapes. Gratification because I’ve completed a challenge that I achieved on my own without any short cuts. I will solve any puzzle no matter the amount of pieces. But, I love to challenge myself, and the best way to do that is through puzzles in the 1500 pieces or higher range with minimal colors.

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One of my biggest dreams is to travel and see the country or the world. I love to explore new territories and experience new things. As I writer, it’s important to experience as much as a I can, so I can write better stories by pulling from my experiences. My ultimate dream destination is to travel to the United Kingdom specifically England. I want to travel to the birth place of literate and visit Jane Austen’s house along with the Harry Potter studios. This dream is a little farfetched because of the price to travel to it from the U.S. However, I am more than happy to explore and the country and town I live in as an alternative. As long as I am experiencing something new and different, I will be happy.

An Open Letter To My Secret Santa

So, secret Santa, did any of the ideas help? If you could tell your secret Santa what you wanted for Christmas this year what would you ask for? Let us know in the Comments!
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