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An Open Letter To My Mom As I Approach Adulthood

An Open Letter To My Mom As I Approach Adulthood

So many 20-something year old girl could make long lists of important lessons they would like to thank their mothers for teaching them.

To My Dear Mom,

As the end of my college years rapidly approaches, I realize more every day how prepared I am for the real world because of you! I can speak for myself and so many young women I know when I say that the bond between mother and daughter can be unlike anything else in this world.  However, it is not until you get older and closer to being out of school that you truly realize how special and important every piece of advice your mom gave you growing up really is.

Mom, you taught me from a very young age that everything happens for a reason.

You repeated these words to me so much during my adolescent years, but I never fully believed them until the last few years. I look back on every situation that you rubbed my back and told me that “everything happens for a reason” and realize that these words are nothing short of true. Every friend I grew apart from, every boy who broke my heart, every rejection I ever got- they all happened for a reason. You taught me to always look for the good in those disappointing situations and now whenever I find myself in one, I am able to take a deep breath and find peace with it by telling myself that “everything happens for a reason”.


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You always taught me to gracefully get back up whenever I was knocked down.

Although this lesson can sound very literal, it is also deeper than just standing back up like a lady after tripping in heels. You also showed me that no matter what comes in and knocks you down in life, to always gracefully get back up and not let it break you. We all know that life is not easy and how hard it can be to wipe away the tears and get out of bed in the morning sometimes, but you always taught me to never give up. You showed me that you were stronger than it all, you were stronger than life and anything it could throw at you, and that was all the inspiration I needed to realize that I was just as strong. As a little girl who wants to be just like her mommy, showing me that you were strong was one of the best things you could’ve showed me. I aspired to have your inner strength, your bravery; you taught me that the tough things in life would only break you if you let them.

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There are millions of other priceless things you taught me and gave me over my 20 years, but of them all, teaching me the value of love was the most important.

Your endless and unconditional love for me and my brothers taught me the capacity of how deeply you can care about another human being. But more than that, you showed love to everyone, whether you knew it or not. You showed your love to your family and friends but you always made sure to show love and kindness to those who needed it most. Your heart is so big and your enthusiasm is always so welcoming that anyone in your presence felt genuine and authentic care. My whole life people told you that you had one of those voices that was tranquilizing and warm. And as I got older, I finally realized that that warmth comes from the love and kindness you carry in you everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. Being kind in this world is one of the most important things you can be, and you remind me to be a kind and loving person no matter the circumstances.

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So many girls in their 20’s could make long lists of important lessons they would like to thank their mothers for teaching them.

Even though every list is slightly different and every mom has her own special twist on life, I think all of these girls can agree that they wouldn’t be where they are today without their mom. A mom’s love, warmth and compassion is like no other. We may never outgrow the need for your guidance and this letter is a thank you for all you taught us and all you will continue to teach us every day!

Love Always,

Your grateful daughter


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