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An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

Dear Jackie,

We have the same father, well had, because you know, he’s dead. I’m your long lost sister. I don’t know what kind of relationship you had with our dad being that my relationship with him was nonexistent. I tried to reach out to you about 8 years ago. Well, let’s go back.

How I Found Out

I went to Canada one summer. I was visiting my godmother. It just so happens that she knew our aunt Carole. It’s crazy because years ago I went on the same trip when I was a child and didn’t realize this woman was my father’s sister. We were sitting there at my godmother’s old restaurant and I just overheard the grownups talking about me. I didn’t really know what was going on, nor did I care because at the time, my wisdom teeth were growing in so I was in constant pain. So on the second trip I was about 18 or 19. I talked to my aunt Carole and she said I did , in fact, have a sister. She said you don’t speak to the family and she didn’t know why. I’m 26 now so I know all about family issues and distancing yourself away from them. I would have liked to hear your side to the story. Honestly, I would have liked to hear anything from you.¬†After I had found out I was your sister I decided to try to get in contact any way I could.

An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

A Message To Your Friend

I found you on Facebook and tried to request you and I sent you messages. I never got a response back. I tried finding some of your friends in hopes that they would get you to see my messages. I even wrote to one of them and I never heard back. Here is what I wrote verbatim:

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“Hi. U don’t know me but my name is Kursteen Lundy. The reason I’m contacting you is because I need your help. I see that Jackie is your friend and I need her to get in contact with me because I’m her sister and i don’t think she knows about me. I sent her some REALLY REALLY REALLY long messages and I think the last time she signed onto facebook was september and i think thats the reason why she hasn’t contacted me back. Here’s where you come into play: I would love it if you could give me her number and could you tell her to read her messages from Kursteen Lundy. They’re SUPER IMPORTANT. I swear this isn’t a joke and I just really would like to know her. If u could help me i’d be so very grateful.”
An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

The Letter

Since reaching out electronically wasn’t working I decided to google you. I found a phone number and it was out of service. I found an address and I figured I would write you a letter. I was so nervous. I had hope that you would get it and contact me. It’s too bad I thought that. I came home one day and there was my letter unopened with the words “Return To Sender” in big red letters. It turns out it wasn’t the right address after all. I decided to end my mission on meeting my long lost sister.
An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

Oh Well

As it turns out, 8 years later, it doesn’t matter if I never hear from you. Of all the things I read and heard about you, maybe it was for the best I never met my long lost sister.

An Open Letter To My Long Lost Sister

Do you have any stories about a long lost sister, brother, or other relatives? Please feel free to share your story below.

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