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An Open Letter To My Future Self

An Open Letter To My Future Self

I have a few things to say to my future self in this open letter to them from my present self. I honestly hope that they see it!

This is an open letter to my future self.

Hey you,

I hope you are doing okay. Has global warming destroyed the environment yet? Is your hair still super frizzy in the mornings?  Has Supernatural been canceled yet? What’s it like being married to a movie star? Do you like being rich? Or is it more of the same?

All jokes aside, I’m hoping you are as successful as you always wished to be. I hope you are chasing your dreams. I hope the universe hasn’t bogged you down and made you complacent to an unhappy reality. I hope you still have a spark in your soul and a flame in your mind.

An Open Letter To My Future Self

If you are living that #bossbabelifestyle, I hope you still remember the struggle. When you are at the top, it’s easy to brush aside the past, place it into a tiny box, compartmentalize it in the back of your mind and let the dust settle over it.  Remember the sleepless nights. Remember the anxiety attacks. Remember the shades of grey you had to jump over before landing and living in full color.

If you need a pick me up, I hope you haven’t forgotten about your passion for storytelling.

Immerse yourself in it. Live and breathe narratives. Wrap yourself in the mechanics of a scene and watch how your body comes to life with the excitement of learning. You are a writer, so go back to it. You might be a little over your head at first, but once the words flow, it will be like kismet. You weave worlds with your mind and if that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. Don’t let go of it.

An Open Letter To My Future Self

Believe in yourself.

Wear confidence on your face even when your first reaction is to slip away between the spaces of words. It’s hard, I know, but I think it will make a difference. Surround yourself with love. If love is already around you, I hope it is unselfish and I hope it is pure. Don’t lower your standards in friendships or in a partner.

If the world around you is crazy and unfair, I hope you speak up about it. Refuse to accept a backward society and dare yourself to help a cause.

Besides all of these things, I hope you’ve managed to do some bucket list things.

Go to Iceland if you haven’t already because you have always dreamed of breathing in the nature there. Go to the UK and pretend you are in a Jane Austen book. Try out grasshopper tacos in Mexico! Just try to see all of the sights that you have imagined in your mind so many times in real life. I know it will be worth it.

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An Open Letter To My Future Self

Anyways I have to get back to my 22 year old life and you need to get back to writing that Academy Award-winning screenplay I am hoping you can maybe one day achieve. I think you can do it if you out your mind to it. There is something amazing in store for you. Take care of your mind, take care of your body, and take care of your soul.

An Open Letter To My Future Self

See you later, my future self!

This is my letter to my future self. Have you ever written one to yours? Tell me in the comments!
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