An Open Letter To Everyone Suffering From Mental Illness

Mental illness is a serious subject to everyone, and everyone deals with thier own issues differently. Here is to an open latter to all who are struggling.

Dear Warrior,

1. I know how you feel. I really do.

I know you are struggling right now. I also hear the noises in your mind. I have been there. I still am sometimes. I still find myself lost in the never-ending tame of thoughts my brain tends to use against me. I still have to fight these demons every single day. This is an endless war. We may lose sometimes and you should know it is fine. Yes, it’s fine. It’s fine to lose when you can’t cope anymore. It’s fine to break,to cry, to faint, to scream it all out. It’s okay not to be okay, remember?  I know how hard it is to accept this new reality. I know how it is even harder when people try but never really do understand. And you try to fake it and make it up until one day you wake up and you know it is getting too far. And you ask for help. And you instantly feel better because you did what you knew you had to do. And it is perfectly okay (and so recommendable!!!) to ask for help. I used to think I would be a coward if I did but the truth is that so much bravery and courage is needed in order to ask for what you need. And we are strong enough to do that and more. I would love you to know that. Mental health is underrated and it is the basis for everything so we must pay attention to it and take care of it. Our voices are important and they must be heard. We need to speak out and share our stories. We must not be ashamed. We must be PROUD of the war we fight every single day of our lives and win every night when we decide to try again tomorrow. Beyond everything. Above all. We are survivors in a world full of demons trying to defeat us.

An Open Letter To Everyone Sufferig From Mental Illness

2. We are warriors in a world full of ghosts hunting our minds all the time.

We are everything and more. And I hope each and every one of you going through some harsh battle right now find hope in my letter. Because I was there as well and I ended up rising as a phoenix. And I know you can too. There will be sunshine after these clouds, I promise. And you are going to know you better. To learn about people. To learn about life. To understand the world around you in a different way. Everything is happening for a reason and it is important that you remember that. Because all this mess will make sense someday in the near future. And the lesson you are learning now will be useful f o r e v e r. Persist. Be patient. The process is slow, I know. And it depends on the person. Don’t try to rush. Enjoy the process of taking care of your mind. Whether that’s on your own, with medicine or with professional help, be patient and love yourself. Let your loved ones take care of you and know that it is hard for them as well. Remember you are trying and that is the first step to conquer everything. You are fighting. You are already on your way to the finish line. You will get there eventually but forget about it until you can see it. For now, just be yourself, walk at your own pace, take it slow and keep on moving. Always. You are not alone. You are understood. You are loved.

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An Open Letter To Everyone Sufferig From Mental Illness

3. For all my warriors out there,

I did not see it either. But there is hope within mental illness. There is always hope. Keep calm and carry on.An Open Letter To Everyone Sufferig From Mental Illness

Do you struggle with mental illness? How do you cope with it? Tell us in the comments below!

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