An Open Letter To Beyonce

Dear Beyonce,

You are an icon. A living legend and anyone who disagrees should probably stop reading this now. Unlike other icons of our generation that people rush to praise, you are always met with controversy. Why is that? Is it because you are a woman? Is it because you are a black woman? More importantly, is it because you are a successful black woman? Despite your haters and the controversies that surround you, you have always maintained your grace. You are an inspiration to so many people around the world. I have loved you since your Destiny’s Child days and my admiration keeps growing. Beyonce, there are so many reasons to love you and while I could probably write a novel about it, I’ll keep it short.

First, I admire your work ethic!

After watching and rewatching all of your documentaries from Life Is But A Dream  to Year of 4, I am convinced that you are the hardest working woman in entertainment. From the dance rehearsals, to the video shoots, to the late-night recording sessions, you do everything in your power to produce quality works of art for your fans. You don’t let anything get in your way. Not even pregnancy! Only a woman with your work ethic could perform at the Grammys while pregnant with twins. Only a woman of your work ethic   could give birth to twins and perform an incredible set at Coachella months later. You control every aspect of your brand and you do it with such grace and style. How could you not admire that?

Second, I love how you never shy away from showing your family love.

No matter how busy of a schedule you seem to have, you always make time for your family. Whether you are spotted out to dinner with Jay-Z and Blue or you are seen on vacation with Mama Tina, you always make sure to spend time with those you love. It is especially exciting to see you hang out with your former DC3 bandmates, Kelly and Michelle. And who could forget the times you have traveled to New Orleans to be with your sister, Solange and your nephew, Jules. It is refreshing to see that fame has brought you closer to your family instead of tearing you apart. Even if you keep tight-lipped about your personal life, these moments with family make you more relatable.

Another thing I love about you Beyonce, is that you are a triple threat.

No one can deny that you are a talented human being. You can dance. You can act. You can sing. Using your many gifts, you have graced us with incredible tours filled with impeccable performances and  dance routines that everyone has tried to replicate. You have given us movies like Obsessed, Austin Powers: Goldmember,  and The Fighting Temptations. Whatever you take on, you give it your all! It inspires others to go after their own dreams and to be persistent until they achieve their own goals.

Then there is the fact that you celebrate black women and black culture.

With the release of your emblematic Lemonade, you invited your audience on a celebration of the triumphs and struggles of what it means to be a black woman in America. Since then, you have performed at the Super Bowl with a Black Panther-inspired performance. You have supported Colin Kaepernick in his fight against racism in the NFL. You have posed for Vogue and were photographed by the magazine’s first black photographer, Tyler Mitchell. Through your celebration of black culture, you have helped open the doors for other artists of color. You always pay it forward which brings me to my closing remarks.

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Finally, one of the many reasons I love you, Beyonce is because you always give back to the community.

With Destiny’s Child, you were part of the Ronald McDonald House charity and often visited children to see the impact of your work. You’ve donated to the Phoenix House which helps people with drug addictions after you played Etta James in Cadillac Records. You have your own charity, BeyGood, through which you give back to the community. With your husband, you have started a scholarship fund to help exceptional teens go to college. What I love most is that you never flaunt it. Like the secret albums you have dropped, you always keep quiet and let the work speak for itself. There are so many more reasons to admire you Beyonce, but these are just a few. I’ll write again soon.


An Inspired Fan

Do you love Beyonce as much as I do? Tell me why in the comments!
Featured Image Source: https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/03/27/beyonces-mystery-biter-is-revealed-as/
Carla Herrera

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