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An Open Letter To All College Freshmen

An Open Letter To All College Freshmen

For all of you who are about to become college freshmen, here are some thoughts written in the form of an open letter from a former college student!

Dear College Freshmen,

You are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

I know that sounds cheesy, but in a few years as you walk across that stage to receive your college diploma, you’ll see the value in those words. College is a time for growth. It is a time for first time experiences and unfortunately for some stress. Don’t worry! I am here to give you some advice that will hopefully help you navigate this exciting new phase in your life.

First, if you are moving in with a roommate,try your best to get along with them.

Trust me when I say that you do not need the added stress of fighting with your roommate on top of all the stress from school. Come with a game plan. You should sit down together and create a set of house rules to make sure neither one of you get on each others nerves. Make it a fun bonding activity where you order pizza and decorate your new living space together.


Second, the Freshman 15 are a real thing.

Although sometimes they become the Freshman 10 or the Freshman 20. Don’t sweat it. Unless you want to sweat it! If so, you can go to your school gym. Most colleges offer free student  memberships as part of your tuition fee. So get to crunching! Also, you can practice being an adult by preparing your own meals at home complete with roommate trips to the grocery store. But really it’s no big deal! Love yourself!

Next, be sure you are always on time to class.

There is nothing more awkward than walking into a huge lecture hall full of people in the middle of a lecture and having hundreds of eyes staring back at you. You’ll be wishing  for the earth to swallow you whole! Besides, missing the first few minutes of class will mean that you are spending the next few class sessions trying to catch up. Finding the correct notes from someone in class can be challenging. You’ll find yourself awkwardly asking fifteen different people.

In the same vein as my last point, always come prepared to class.

I know that college is supposed to be a lot more loosey goosey than high school to you college freshmen. There is no teacher breathing down your neck over missed assignments or not bringing your books to class. However, this is precisely why you should come prepared. Contrary to popular belief, the lecture can’t be learned through osmosis. Notes will have to be taken. Reading will have to be done. If you don’t take matters into your own hands, you’ll find yourself staring horrified at the test on test day  wishing you had taken notes in the past two weeks of lectures. So come prepared with a pen and paper and listen up!


Finally, college should not be all work and no play.

That would make us all dull students. You should definitely have fun while in college. Go to parties, but be responsible! Don’t drink and drive or drink anything someone hands you. Do enjoy the sporting  events and join a club! It will help you meet new people that might become lifelong friends. I know…cheesy…again. But it’s true!

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One last piece of advice to all you college freshmen, don’t stress!

It will all fall into place. You will figure out your major. You will pass that class. You will be okay. College can be overwhelming at times and it can be hard to juggle all of your responsibilities, but remember to have fun. Your first college experience only happens once. Take in every second of it because these are memories you are going to have forever. Enjoy it!



A Nostalgic College Graduate

What are some things you have to say to college freshmen? Let us know in the comments!
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