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An Honest Review Of Halo Top Ice Cream

An Honest Review Of Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top has become super popular for being the best "healthy" ice cream. To find out if Halo ice cream was really any good, we put each flavor to the test!

I’m sure by now you have heard all of the hype surrounding Halo Top Ice Cream. So, what’s the deal? Halo ice cream is a healthy alternative to regular ice cream that is low in carbs, sugar, and fat compared to normal ice cream. It is packed with all the good stuff like protein and fiber which you normally don’t find in a pint of any ice cream. From looking at the nutrition facts, it appears to actually be a snack that’s semi-good for you (as good as ice cream can get anyway). Who would have ever though ice cream and healthy could go together? But, the real question is…how does it taste? A lot of “healthy” alternatives for ice cream end up being bland with weird textures that are nothing like ice cream.

In order to figure out if Halo ice cream tastes like the ice cream we love, we dug into all of the flavors. Here is the honest review breakdown for every Halo Top flavor!

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla isn’t the most exciting flavor of ice cream in general. So, when you take out all of the fat and creamy goodness, it just isn’t the same. If you’re desperate af for your fix of vanilla, this is a good alternative. But, there are way better Halo ice cream flavors that you could go for.



If you are a chocolate lover like me, then you know how important it is to have that rich, silky flavor. The Halo Top version did a decent job at making a healthy substitute. We found that the longer you let this flavor sit out, the richer the taste got. So don’t eat it right out of the freezer for the best results!

Lemon cake

Lemon Cake is definitely one of the best flavors Halo Top carries. If you are looking for a flavor that is light and refreshing, Lemon Cake will do just the trick! It isn’t overboard with the lemon flavor and has a nice smooth finish.


Strawberry is a classic and Halo Top did a really good job of getting that flavor. It is definitely simple, but so isn’t plain strawberry ice cream. I would recommend this flavor blended into a smoothie or mixed with fruit for when you have a sweet tooth. This flavor tends to get a little on the icy side, but it doesn’t take away from the flavor!


Mint chip

Definitely in the top 5 best Halo Top flavors! They were able to get that really great minty flavor without overdoing it. There is the perfect amount of chocolate chips with just the right amount of crunch. Don’t be alarmed when you open the pint to see that your mint ice cream isn’t green. They don’t use green food coloring on this flavor which makes it even better!

Chocolate mocha chip

The chocolate flavoring definitely over powers the coffee flavor, so if you are a big coffee ice cream fan, you may be disappointed. The “chip” isn’t too fantastic either. All around this wasn’t the BEST flavor, but it wasn’t bad either. Just eh.

Birthday cake

One of the best, if not THE BEST, of all the Halo ice cream flavors. It literally tastes like you’re eating birthday cake. When you eat traditional birthday cake ice cream, you usually can’t have too much because the sweetness is too much. But, Halo Top went above and beyond and did it even better than regular ice cream.  11/10 would recommend this flavor to anyone interested in Halo ice cream!


Chocolate chip cookie dough

Nothing exciting with the chocolate chip cookie dough. There isn’t hardly enough cookie dough and for what there is, it doesn’t even taste like cookie dough should. Not a fan.

Peanut butter cup

Honestly, this is nothing like eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup, and if that was what you were hoping for with this, you will be disappointed. Skip this one if you’re CRAVING some peanut butter and chocolate combo and get the real ice cream instead. If you’re just looking for something that tastes similar to it but a bit icier to hold you over until the end of your diet, then this will do the job.

Cookies and cream

In my opinion, if there isn’t real Oreos in a cookies and cream ice cream it isn’t cookies and cream ice cream. This goes hand-in-hand with the peanut butter cup flavor. Definitely was disappointed by the flavor!


Sea salt caramel

DELISHHH. This is definitely one of the top flavors. It tastes like REAL caramel and not some fake additive type of caramel. This is coming from someone who would bathe in caramel nightly if she could. This flavor definitely competes against any other companies caramel ice cream. Warning: You WILL finish the pint in one sitting.


When I think of S’mores flavored ice cream I’m definitely picture marshmallow, chocolaty, graham cracker goodness. Unfortunately, Halo ice cream didn’t fully live up to my expectation. There is a good amount of graham cracker in it which is delicious. But, I didn’t really get any marshmallow flavor out of it. There’s no s’more without the marshmallow. Definitely still a good flavor though and worth trying. I probably would eat it again!

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Oatmeal cookie

This flavor really nailed oatmeal cookie on the head. It is really good and definitely tastes like cinnamon oatmeal.

Black cherry

This is definitely a flavor that you wouldn’t think you would like, but will absolutely enjoy. If you are into black cherry, you’ll be into this. The flavor is not overwhelming at all and it surprisingly so smooth, probably one of the most ice cream-like of all of the flavors. Mix a scoop of black cherry with a scoop of the lemon cake for a fun combo!

Red velvet

MMMM. Red velvet was so delicious and had little chunks of red revelety goodness in almost every bite. Such a good dessert flavor!


Chocolate almond crunch

Not really sure where the crunch was. This flavor was definitely just alright, wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it again.


This flavor was a but if a disappointment. I really love pistachio and expect it to be full of actual pistachios. Halo Top got the nutty flavor down, but it is really just too light with not enough pistachios.

Overall, if you are an ice cream lover and are trying to cut back on the calories, Halo Top is definitely a delicious substitute. Sometimes the flavors tend to be a little icier than regular ice cream, which may get old after a while. But, if you’re looking for that once in a while sweet treat, Halo ice cream should be your next go to!

What’s your favorite Halo Top ice cream flavor!? Share in the comments below!

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