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The America’s Got Talent Acts That Will Make You Feel All The Feels

The America’s Got Talent Acts That Will Make You Feel All The Feels

Though America's Got Talent is in its thirteenth season, we're still glued to the hit show. Which of the America's Got Talent acts have kept you watching?

One of summer’s greatest hit shows is back again for its thirteenth season. The newest season of America’s Got Talent is only in its fifth episode, yet we’re already feeling all the feels. Check out which of the America’s Got Talent acts that have made us glued to the hit show.

The Savitsky Cats

Typically, audiences will watch dogs performing tricks, jumping through hoops or forming congo lines in silly outfits, like last year’s acts The Pompeyo Family, and Sara and Hero. This year however, the stars of the show have changed species. The Savitsky Cats are a performing group of 10 felines trained by a mother and daughter duo. During the show, the judges were a bit skeptical as to how the audition would go. Dogs are usually easier to train, whereas cats tend to have a mind of their own. The animals rolled cylinders with their paws and jumped through hoops, which brought the crowd into a frenzy. The act was a hit and the Savitsky Cats received four yeses to proceed to the next round. America’s Got Talent acts are sometimes very unique.

America's Got Talent is an emotional roller coaster ride this season!

La Fontane Umane

When this next act walked onto the stage in their nice suits and polite personalities, no one was ready for what they were going to perform. La Fontane Umane is a human fountain group, and their act is just what you’d imagine. Their performance made everyone laugh, by simply spitting water into each others mouths. Their over dramatic presentation made the act even more hilarious as all of the judges sat back and enjoyed the performance. La Fontane Umane did so well that even host Tyra Banks filled her own mouth with water and spit it into one of the members mouths! Needless to say, no one was prepared for their act. La Fontane Umane earned themselves a spot in the next round. This is another of the amazing America’s Got Talent acts.

America's Got Talent is an emotional roller coaster ride this season!

We Three

The last performance of the first episode of season 13 captured America in a powerful way. We Three is a family band of two brothers and one sister. These siblings were raised by parents who had an undoubtedly love for music and passed on that same love to their kids. They learned how to use every instrument imaginable. Two years ago, their mother passed away from cancer, so they wrote a song in her memory. According to lead singer Manny, the song was written from their mothers point of view during her last month. Fair warning — you might need a box a tissues to watch this performance. AGT is all about finding talent in people and giving them a chance to share it with the rest of the world. It is a show about taking ordinary people and giving them a platform to express who they are and what they can do. The show only improves with each season. With the bar set high already, this season will definitely be one to follow. This is one of the most moving America’s Got Talents acts.

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America's Got Talent is an emotional roller coaster ride this season!

Which of these America’s Got Talent acts do you love most? Let us know in the comments below.

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