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America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

America's Best Cities For Summer Travel

So your passport isn’t quite up-to-date? No worries! We’ve compiled a list of American cities that will have you saying Italy who? These are some of America’s best cities that will have you exploring all summer long. Here are the best summer travel spots!

1. Scottsdale, Arizona

I know what you’re thinking, the desert? Wow. But hear me out, not only does Scottsdale boast some of the most stunning, picturesque sunsets to have your IG looking right it also takes R&R to a whole other level! It’s been dubbed the spa capital of America and who doesn’t love that description? So slather on the sun-block, catch that Vitamin D and get the relaxing vacay you deserve.

From luxury shops, highly- acclaimed restaurants and a crazy amount of magical hotels and bungalows you will be sure to come back rested, rejuvenated and ready for anything life throws at you.

America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

2. Denver, Colorado

High, how are you? It’s a well known secret that you’re legally allowed to have a high good time in Denver but there’s so much more to do besides getting your 4:20 on. A little ways outside the city you’ll find Red Rocks, an astounding concert venue whose musical quality almost matches its insane sunset view. Denver offers those natural highs which are much easier on the lungs.

Rent a car to explore the wonderful ski resorts it boasts, some of America’s best breweries and before you leave you have to have one of their famous breakfast burritos- we recommend El Taco De Mexico for a Mexican party in your mouth. Overall Denver has a way of combining the things you love the most, booze and food with some stunning views of nature’s splendor.

Think Pocahontas but funner.

America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

3. Seattle, Washington

With its 14 to 16 hours of sunlight every summer day, Seattle will have you breathing all the fresh air while downing some of America’s best seafood. Its lush forrest views make rowing, canoeing or kayaking an alluring adventure. Explore its snow-capped mountains or the famous Pike Place Market. Water front activities are a must when visiting Seattle so go mentally prepared. Remember, rain jackets are a look.

Your IG and taste palette will thank you for visiting one of the most beautiful outdoor farmer’s market in the University District, pro-tip: the natives call it the U-District. Seattle also serves up some of the freshest seafood and Dim Sum so what is there not to love?

Woodsy friendly, delicious outdoor markets and the OG “hipster” scene- it’s like Portlandia, Bear Grylls and Martha Stewart had a baby.

America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

4. Austin, Texas

Well howdy partner! Welcome to the land of live music, decadently delicious eats and an endless bar scene. Austin has this amazing atmosphere where you can kayak in the A.M., get some Tex-Mex for lunch and dance until the wee hours of the night to everything from Cumbia music to Drake. Think of Austin as a smaller version of Seattle but with clearer skies and a lot more queso.

Austin’s art scene make it a vibrant and picture perfect city to check out in the summer time. The locals are friendly and do everything they can to keep Austin Weird. Let’s just say if Texas were to secede, Austin would stay right where it’s at.

America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

5. San Francisco, California

The city by the bay is so rich in culture, history and has stunning scenic views that will have you as breathless as the hikes up it’s hills! Hop on the trolly to check out Fisherman’s Warf, Pier 39 or Embarcadero- whose indoor shops have some of the most mind blowing empanada’s your little heart could imagine. The chicken parm sandwich at Gott’s Roadside in the Ferry Building Marketplace is reason enough alone to check out SF.

Explore its amazing cultural history in Chinatown, Alcatraz Island, the Palace of Fine Arts or my personal fav The Walt Disney Museum- no need to wish upon a star just book a ticket now!

While the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful, its a day out at Dolores Park eating the pasta and prosciutto from one of the local Italian spots that will have you feeling like you’re in a dream.

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America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel

6.Chicago, Illinois

I mean what kind of article would this be if it didn’t include deep-dish pizza right? This windy city has everything from top rated restaurants to the most delicious street dogs imaginable. You can create your own adventure. Whether you’re all about roof-top bars with insane views- like Cindy’s on Michigan Ave- or you want to check out the massive and brilliant curated art work in the Art Institute of Chicago, there is something for everyone.

One thing that cannot be overlooked is its architecture tours along the river- they will transport you back in time and have you oohing and ahhing with your head stretched up to the stars. Al Capone didn’t call Chicago home for nuthin’.


America’s Best Cities For Summer Travel


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You don’t need a passport to let yourself wander. These American cities are local crown jewels made especially for you to explore! Which American cities are you excited to explore this summer? Let us know down below!

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