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American Horror Story Seasons Ranked Worst To Best

American Horror Story Seasons Ranked Worst To Best

American Horror Story Seasons Ranked Worst To Best

American Horror Story is a show that has been on the air for an official 8 seasons and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Each season has a different theme and tells a different story but with mostly the same cast. It always seems to have a strong start in the beginning and then by the end it gets a little weird and off track. Regardless, it’s always exciting to watch what story they are going to tell this year. Since every season is different, here are the seasons ranked worst to best.

8. Cult

American Horror Story season 7: Cult, was the least entertaining. It was about the 2016 presidential election and how it affected people in the United States. Such as one woman named Ally, who had different beliefs than the president, was absolutely terrified of the outcome, a man named Kai, embraced it as a revolution to come and started a cult. The idea seems legit but the storyline takes a strange turn pretty quickly.


7. Roanoke

American Horror Story season 6: Roanoke, was done differently than all the previous seasons. It was shot as a documentary about a documentary. Like one of those true crime shows where there are reenactments and one on one confession interviews. It was about a couple that bought a house on land where the actual Roanoke colony had disappeared and on the night of the blood moon, they returned to kill.

The couple escape, they get put on a show to tell their experience, actors play their reenactments, then about halfway through the in-world show decides to put the actors in the Roanoke house and film their experience without them knowing. I know, the confusion is part of the reason it’s not the most successful season.

6. Asylum

American Horror Story season 2: Asylum, seemed promising at first. It took place in an insane asylum in the 1960’s with a murderer named Bloody Face on the loose. A man named Kit Walker is falsely accused of being this killer and sent to the asylum to live out his years. Reporter Lana Winters, gets herself admitted to the asylum while trying to uncover the truth about Bloody Face.


It was a cool season the only thing that brought it low on the list was the random mixture of aliens that get thrown in there.

5. Hotel

American Horror Story season 5: Hotel, was an interesting season and one where Lady Gaga was the star of the show. It took place in the Hotel Cortez that was filled with ghosts and if someone died there, their soul could never leave. It also was based on the hotel created by H. H. Holmes, who in the late 1800s had actually created a hotel that was a death trap, with hallways that led to nowhere and rooms that had gas valves installed to kill his victims at night.

There is also a mixture of vampires in this season which is interesting and works with the storyline.


4. Freak Show

American Horror Story season 4: Freak Show, had a very strong start. It took place in the 1950s with one of the only Freak Shows left standing. In the beginning, there was a killer clown on the loose and it really brought viewers in. Halfway through it got a little strange when a grown, rich man who had the mind of a child wanted to own the freak show and was rejected, decides to seek revenge.

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3. Apocalypse

American Horror Story season 8: Apocolypse, was a success for being the most recent season. It was the first season that collaborated two of the previous seasons in one. With a character born at the end of season 1, Murder House, who grows up to be the anti-christ, causes and Apocolypse, witches from season 2, Coven, must work together to restore the earth to what is once was and take him down.

2. Coven

American Horror Story season 2: Coven, was one of the best seasons the show had ever had. Based on a group of witches attending a school in New Orleans for the gifted, they learn to discover who they are and who will rule as the next supreme while dealing with the current supreme who is anything but nice.


1. Murder House

American Horror Story season 1: Murder House, will always be the best season the show has had. It’s about a house in California and whoever dies in or on the property, their soul is bound there forever. A family moves in and lives with the ghost but don’t realize the people they are interacting with are really dead.

Which season of American Horror Story is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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