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12 Amazon Products To Insanely Improve Your Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are trick at times. They are sometimes too small, too boxy and there isn’t enough storage space for all your items. Being a college student gets harder every day.

Here is our list of 12 amazing Amazon products to insanely improve your dorm room!

1. Third Goddess The Lovers Tarot Wall Tapestry

Are you even a college student if you don’t own a wall tapestry? It’s basically a rite of passage.

It’s a conversation starter and immediately gives your dorm room that extra kick of design flare without too much of a hassle from your end. This Amazon product was designed for students who aren’t looking to splurge too much, but are in desperate need of a good design tip!

Get it here:

2. Storage Folding Bin

Most students use see-through storage bins, but then again, they can seem a little cluttered. Plus, you don’t want everyone seeing what’s in your boxes, do you?

The opaque fabric on these boxes can coordinate to your room, depending on your color scheme, as they also come in different colors! Mix and match or stick to one color– the choice is yours. Whether it’s under your bed, neatly aligned, or scattered around your room.

Get it here:

3. Small Make-Up Vanity Mirror

Most dorm rooms don’t come with a vanity mirror and sometimes if you’re unlucky your dorm room won’t have a mirror at all. This Amazon product is perfect for when you’re doing your make up or just need to check yourself out in the mirror (watch out for those blackheads).

It comes with built-in light and magnification!

Get it here:

4. Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman

If the storage boxes aren’t doing it for you, or you need extra storage place, then this ottoman is perfect for you! It works as a place to sit, as well as a place to store your extra belongings in.

Unlike the simple storage boxes, this ottoman can also be a place for when you have people to come over! It is undetectable and stylish.

Get it here:

5. Bed Rest Reading Pillow

Realistically, at college, there will be days where you don’t even want to get out of bed. Improve your comfort with this Amazon product that equals a large pillow as well as a couch for your bed!

Getting out of bed has never been harder, because of this.

Get it here:

6. Bedside Caddy

The thing with small rooms, in general, is that to make it seem larger than it is, you should not leave items scattered around, especially not on the floor.

This bedside caddy is perfect for storing important items right where you need them and removes the clutter that you should definitely try to avoid at college. Plus, it’s a cute shade of blue for an extra pop of colour!

Get it here:

7. Photo Clip String Lights

Instead of having photo frames or scattered photographs on your wall, this string light allows you to remember your favourite memories in a wonderful way. This Amazon product also lights up your room and shifts the vibe to a cosy atmosphere.

Get it here:

8. Grid Wall Panel

If you prefer not hanging up your photographs on your fairy lights, then this grid wall panel is a better alternative without the addition of lighting. It’s very minimalist and you have the option to play around with it more!

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Get it here:

9. Movie Poster

If wall tapestries aren’t exactly your thing, then posters are a much better choice. Whether it’s your favourite film, or quote, they are less likely to get in the way and there are more choices available. Luckily, Amazon has a large range of posters, from size to theme!

Get it here:

10. Lap Desk

This affordable amazon product is perfect for a lazy night indoors, whether it’s in your dorm room or the communal kitchen. You also have the option of taking your lap desk with you anywhere you wish, from studying at the park to the library! It’s light and easily transportable.

Get it here:

11. Utility Cart

This Amazon product is beneficial for a lot of reasons! You can use it for snacks that you want to keep in your room, hygiene products, socks or underwear, etc. It has wheels so you can easily transport it around your dorm or your building. If you have a roommate, it would be easier for you both to share it, too, and it will minimize clutter.

Get it here:

12. Extension Cord

This one cannot be stressed enough. Among all the items mentioned in this list, the extension cord is the holy item that every student needs in their dorm room, as well as their life! It will make your life easier, especially since rooms don’t come with a lot of outlets. Make your life easier and purchase at least one of these.

Get it here:

These are our top dorm room essentials, easily found on Amazon! What are some of your Amazon college essentials?

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