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30 Amazon Products That Will Save Your Life In College

30 Amazon Products That Will Save Your Life In College

30 Amazon products for college students that will literally save your life! This makes a great checklist for all your college needs and necessities!

College can be tough. Luckily, there are so many Amazon products for college students that are basically lifesavers. This list will guide you through some pretty necessary items that you will find yourself needing throughout all those years. Use it as a checklist and scoop up anything you think you may need! Below are 30 Amazon products for college students that will save your life, literally!

This college quote is so funny!1. A Swiss Army Knife For Multiple Uses

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a proper Swiss Army Knife or some other multi-tool. Not only could this item literally save your life, but it’s so useful that you can replace many other tools you might think to bring with you. I would recommend one that, at minimum, has the screwdriver attachment.


2. A Portable Power Bank For Your Constantly Dying Phone

Let’s face it. We are all addicted to our phones. Between looking at the latest posts on Instagram and binge watching Netflix, at lot of our portable devices need power. There are a lot of battery packs out there, but a great one I’ve used is the one from Anker.

3. A Privacy Filter For Your Computer Screen

This item may be a bit pricier, but if you use your laptop for online shopping or banking, it won’t hurt to have a little extra protection. It blocks the ability of others to see what you are doing on your screen unless they are sitting directly in front of it.


4. Assorted Condoms 

Speaking of protection…guys, if you are going to tap it, wrap it. Need I say more? No? Good. While you’re at it, why not save some cash and buy in bulk?


5. A Compact Backpack That Can Be Stored Easily

When I studied abroad in Scotland, a backpack like this was truly a lifesaver. It’s lightweight, folds into a little pouch, and comes in a bunch of different colors! If you need a bag to go grocery shopping (or to get other things), this will save you a load of trouble.


6. Pepper Spray Just To Be Safe

When discussing items that could potentially save your life, it makes sense that pepper spray would be on the list. Many women already carry pepper spray for protection, and it wouldn’t hurt for guys to carry it around too. This is probably one of the more important Amazon products for college students on this list!


7. The Psychopath Test Book

There are a lot of manipulative people out there. This book can help you sort out the honest from the deceivers. A New York Times best seller and a great read among all of the best Amazon products for college students!


8. Sometimes Earplugs Are The Only Thing That Will Get You Through The Night

You like to sleep right? Everyone likes to sleep. Now, try sleeping when your roommate snores like a freight train. Either buy multiple pairs of cheap earplugs or invest in a good pair of earplugs that will last.


9. A Mattress Protector For Those Icky Dorm Beds

If the mattresses in your dorm are anything like mine, multiple people have used them before me. You don’t know (or want to know) what has been going on in those beds. Cover it up with a mattress protector and keep yourself clean and safe.


10. A Backpack Designed For Laptop Storage

You’re in college, so you should be going to class. A solid backpack will let you carry all of the textbooks and things you need every day. It is also a good idea to get one that has a compartment that fits your laptop.


11. An Electric Kettle 

As college students, we run on Ramen. Many of us also drink tea or instant coffee. I recently discovered how great it is to have a kettle to boil water without having to mess with the microwave. I would recommend a kettle that can lift off of a base for ease of use.


12. A Religious Book For The Hard Times

College can be is a stressful time. Many students (myself included) turn to religion to help get through the toughest times. Having a religious book like a Bible can be a great thing to have on hand, even if you are not religious.


13. A Battery Backup That Will Come In Handy At Some Point

If you have important electronics that you keep plugged in all the time, invest in a battery backup and surge protector. Not only will it keep your electronics safe, but the battery function can keep your computer on long enough to save that 20 page report you have been working on all night.


14. A Printer For All Those Dreaded Essays

Speaking of reports…after working on that 20 page report, you might need to print it. Oh no! It’s 4 a.m. and the library is closed! Having a printer is a great solution to this problem. To save money, find a printer that uses individual cartridges for colors.


15. An Insulated Tumbler 

People love their coffee. People also love their coffee hot. A good insulated tumbler can keep your drinks either hot or cold. You also don’t need to break the bank buying a brand like Yeti, this version has the same benefits and comes with a lid and straw. Now you need to put something in that tumbler.


16. A Coffee Maker Because Coffee Is Life

Save your precious college cash and make your own coffee. The models range from simple drip machines to the one cup machines like Keurig’s that use the little capsules. Don’t want another device? Try using a French Press.


17. A Good Suit Or A Formal Dress For Any Occasion

Everyone needs a fancy outfit. Amazon carries suits and other clothes that can really impress at a job interview, a wedding or any other formal occasion. They carry the hottest brands in both men’s and women’s clothing. The best part? If it doesn’t fit, send it back at no charge.



18. Shower Shoes For Those Grimy Showers

If you lived in a hall style dorm like I did, chances are multiple people you don’t know are using that same shared shower you are. Gross. Put some distance between you and… whatever that is… with some shower shoes. I’d say this one’s one of the most necessary Amazon products for college students.


19. Air Freshener Because Life Happens

Eventually, things are just going to smell. A bottle of an air/fabric freshener like Febreze will keep your stuff smelling nice. This item in particular is sold through the Prime Pantry program. If you live somewhere where it is a pain in the neck to get groceries, Prime Pantry will ship you a box full of items that you select. Seriously though, take out your trash, it’ll help with the smell.


20. Wrinkle Releaser That Controls Odor And Static

Unless you want to look like a complete slob, having unwrinkled clothes are nice. The wrinkle release spray from Cold Iron is plant based (no weird chemicals) and comes with a travel size that you can keep in your purse/backpack/car.


21. A USB Drive For Backup Storage

We all use computers, so while you probably already have some USB drives, it doesn’t hurt to keep an extra one or two around just in case.

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22. An External Hard Drive 

I tell everyone to back their computer up all the time. Get an external hard drive and back up your stuff. ALL of it…before it’s too late! This one might just top the list for Amazon products for college students, you’ll be thanking me later.



23. A Hilarious Card Game For When You And The Roomies Are Bored

Everyone has played a certain black and white card game. Change things up a little and try Red Flags. Build the best dates for your friends, then sabotage them.


24. A Great Pair of Headphones 

I almost always have either something in my ears or around my ears to listen to music or podcasts. A great pair of headphones doesn’t have to break the bank. If you like to work in a noisy environment like a café, try to go for something with noise cancelling capabilities.


25. Large Quantities Of Toilet Paper 

You get that burrito, then the burrito gets you. You run to the hall bathroom and use the only open stall available. Look to your left. The toilet paper is gone. Don’t let this be you. Keep some toilet paper, just in case. Why not buy it in bulk while you’re at it?


26. A Laundry Bag Because It’s Time To Start Doing It Yourself

Now that you’re in college, you have to do something with your laundry. Whether it’s hauling it back to your parents’ house or just down the hall, a simple laundry bag will keep your stuff safe, private and clean.

27. A Handheld Vacuum

So much easier to use than your basic broom. Great for cleaning up quick spills and mishaps…especially when your roommate is notoriously messy.

28. Your Basic Plunger

Remember the burrito incident? Now use this to clean that mess up.

29. Baking Soda Is Your Friend

If you have a mini-fridge, stick some baking soda inside to deodorize the air and help keep your food fresh.


30. A Planner To Organize Your Life

As my last item, use a planner to keep track of all of those assignments, events and nap-times that make up your life. Schedule some time to enjoy life, and remember to study for that final you have.

Do you know of any other Amazon products for college students that should be on this list? Share your list of necessary Amazon products for college students in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

30 Amazon Products that will save your life in college

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