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8 Amazon Prime Originals You Can’t Miss

8 Amazon Prime Originals You Can’t Miss

You need to check out these Amazon Prime originals if you haven't yet! This list of 8 of them includes some of the absolute best!

Watch out Netflix! Amazon is coming through! With benefits like two-day free shipping, over two million songs to stream, and two hour delivery, it now has a new streaming service. Here are our favorite Amazon Prime Originals.

1. Lore

Similar to American Horror Story, Lore uncovers the truth behind popular events in American History. Ranging from the plague to demons, Lore will satisfy a horror-loving fanatic. Originally a podcast, you can now watch these terrors unfold–only on Amazon.


2. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

John Krasinski makes his television comeback as Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst. After many questionable bank transfers, Jack Ryan leaves his desk only to end up fighting terrorist all throughout Europe and the Middle East. Instead of watching your partner play fortnite, watch Jack Ryan together.

3. The Big Sick

As the highest grossing independent film of 2017, the Big Sick is one rom-com you can’t miss. Following the romance between Pakistani comedian, Kumail, and Emily, a frequent attendee at the comedy house, we watch this new couple overcome many obstacles. This movie is perfect for a date night, or when you want to laugh your head off.



Directed by the legendary Spike Lee, CHI-RAQ is a modern day twist on the Greek comedy “Lysistrata.” The women of Chicago threaten to go on a sex strike after a young girl is killed by gang violence. Starring Nick Cannon, Jennifer Hudson, Angela Basset, and so many more African-American actors. This movie exceeds all expectations.

5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes place in New York during the late 1950s. Beating all odds, this upper East Side housewife becomes a stand up comedian. Emmy nominated, Mrs. Maisel is perfect for feminists, Gossip Girl fans and anyone who likes being surprised. This is one of the best Amazon Prime originals.

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6. Absentia

Emily Byrne, an FBI agent, disappears while hunting down one of Boston’s most dangerous serial killers. Six years later, she is found in the woods with no recollection of her past. She returns home, only to find that the world she once knew has moved on without her–including the serial killer. Watch Absentia now.

7. Gleason

Steve Gleason was once an NFL defensive back for the New Orleans Saints. After being diagnosed with ALS, he was given only five years to live. As a personal documentary, Gleason will leave you ready to take on the world.


8. Human Flow

If you’re feeling very political, learn more about the refugee crisis in this beautifully shot documentary by activist Ai Weiwei. Human Flow examines not only refugees in America, but in cities all across Europe. It’s very unbiased and takes a light approach to this serious epidemic.

Which of these Amazon Prime originals would you watch? Let us know below!
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