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8 Amazon Must-Haves For College

8 Amazon Must-Haves For College

College is a huge life milestone and transition for everyone. The idea of leaving the comfort of your own bed and home-cooked meals for a twin-sized bed in a college dorm room and dining hall food can seem daunting. Going away to college can be a huge change, but luckily Amazon has everything you need to make the transition easy and seamless. You can still make your dorm room and college lifestyle feel like home with these 8 must-have products from Amazon.

1. Microwave Safe Coffee Maker

A microwave-safe coffee maker like this one from Amazon is easy to use, does not take up a lot of space, and will save you time and money in the morning. You won’t have to wake up super early to get in line at Starbucks anymore, and this microwavable coffee maker is super affordable. To use this microwave-safe coffee maker, all you have to do is add water to the cup and insert a K-cup in the base. In the long run, making your own coffee with this coffee maker will save you money, and you can have coffee at any time of day conveniently from your own dorm room.

morning coffee


2. Storage Ottoman Chair

A small ottoman that doubles as storage space is the perfect way to incorporate room decor with functionality. This ottoman is great for extra seating when you have people in your dorm room, and it provides extra hidden storage space. It can even be used as a step stool to reach things on the top shelf of your closet. You could also buy an ottoman bench with storage space if you want larger storage space, and it would look great under a window or against a wall in your dorm room. 


3. Bedside Organizer or Bedside Shelf

A bedside organizer like this one from Amazon is an inexpensive way to keep your phone, glasses, chargers, or any other necessities organized and right by your bed so they are easy to reach. You can even keep books or magazines in this organizer for reading before bed. If you want a sleeker look, you can try out a bedside shelf, which will make you feel like you have a nightstand right next to your bed without taking up too much space. Amazon has bedside shelves in a variety of styles, like natural bamboo, brown wood, or black wood. These bedside organizers will make your nighttime routine so much more convenient.


bedside organizer

4. Lint Shaver or Lint Roller

This lint shaver is a lifesaver when it comes to removing the fabric pills that form on leggings. Instead of having to buy new leggings, just try out this lint shaver and your leggings will look brand new. This lint shaver also works on any blankets, socks, or sweaters. You can also try using a simple lint roller, which will quickly remove any lint or dust on your clothes. Quickly using a lint roller before an important meeting or interview will help you look more professional. You will be surprised by how much you will use these tools!

athletic leggings


5. Fleece-lined Robe

A fleece-lined robe will make you feel luxurious and right at home. It’s great for feeling warm and cozy in the winter, or just for lounging around in your dorm room. A bathrobe is also convenient if your bathroom is not connected to your dorm room. Having a nice robe can make college communal bathrooms feel a lot more upscale, and maybe even more like your bathroom at home.  

bath robe

6. Fuzzy Slippers

A comfy pair of slippers that are easy to slip on when walking around your dorm or going to do laundry will make your life so much easier. Slippers are convenient for any quick trips to the dining hall, laundry room, or a friend’s dorm room. You don’t have to think about what shoes to wear when you can just slip on a pair of cute slippers. Fuzzy slippers will keep your feet warm and clean!


fuzzy slippers

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7. String Lights

String lights are a trendy and cute option for room decor and make your room feel more like home. They come in a variety of styles on Amazon so you can find the perfect lights for your room. They also add extra lighting so that the dorm room light does not look so harsh. You can even add more of a personal touch to your room by hanging some polaroid or film pictures on your string lights with clothespins. 


dorm room string lights

8. Laptop Lap Desk

A laptop lap desk will change the way you do work for the better. It is super convenient for when you have to write papers but want to work from the comfort of your bed. The lap desk will keep your laptop from overheating and you won’t have to keep your laptop directly on your lap. Some laptop lap desks even come with a compartment for your phone, so all of your electronics are easily accessible but out of the way. It’s also great for Netflix marathons!

laptop lap desk


Bonus: 45-Count Snack Care Package

If you are a student, you know how stressful college life can get with exams and homework, but having your favorite candy and snacks on hand can make things better. This 45-count snack care package from Amazon is a snacking game changer and perfect if you don’t live near a grocery store or your campus doesn’t have a convenience store. It comes with your favorite guilty pleasure snacks, like Rice Krispie Treats, frosted animal crackers, Pringles, and Oreos. Don’t worry, it also comes with healthy snacks like peanuts,  fruit snacks, and Nature Valley and Chewy granola bars. This snack pack will last a long time, is super convenient, and will get you through those stressful exams. 

snacks for college

What are some of your Amazon must-haves for college? Try out any of these Amazon products to make college life a little bit easier and let us know what you think in the comments below!