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15 Amazon Finds For Every Girl On A Budget

Who doesn’t love a good Amazon find? I get immediate satisfaction from getting my package delivered the next day, plus Amazon has a lot of great dupes that you do not want to pass up on. I spend all of my money on this website, so I have gathered a list of 15 items that you absolutely need to buy for next to nothing.

1. Rectangle Glasses- $14.99

For a pack of two sunglasses, $15 is really a steal when you think about the $400 pair you were considering buying. These rectangle glasses are so cute for any outfit, and since there are two colors you can pick, you’ll have versatility in your choices. I buy all of my sunglasses on Amazon because I feel less bad about losing them if I didn’t spend my entire paycheck on them.

2. Jade Roller + Gua Sha – $12.70

If you go on TikTok at all, you have to have seen the jade roller at the very least. These two items are incredibly helpful in de-bloating your face, basically contouring it over time if used correctly. There are tons of YouTube channels dedicated to the proper techniques, and if you stick with it, you’ll have a fully contoured face with no makeup or Botox. Sounds pretty amazing to me.

3. Fuzzy Slippers- $18

You know the feeling when you don’t want to put on your Air Force 1’s but also don’t have a shoe you can slip on before running out the door or taking out the trash? Introducing the fuzzy slipper. Super cute to wear around the house during the day, or honestly on your morning Dunkin run after a long night out. Either way, they’re versatile and super soft, making them a must buy.

4. Claw Hair Clips- $13.99

I love a good hair claw clip because they don’t kink your hair if you put it up wet, and it prevents breakage that would form from a normal elastic you’d use. Plus, they’re super trendy and these cute colors will add an extra flair to your outfit. It also is easy to just carry one in your bag and twist your hair up in two seconds when you need to. Easy to use, cute to look at, and super convenient for those who don’t like to tie their hair up a lot.

5. Blue Light Glasses- $16.98

Once again, another absolute steal. Three pairs of blue light protecting glasses for $16 is a deal I would be insulted if you passed up. These glasses save me during Zoom classes or when I spend long periods of time staring at screens (which is practically all day, everyday). They come in multiple color options and prevent the headaches you get from blue light emitted from your technology. *Adding to cart immediately.

6. Colorful Bikini Set- $20.99

Cheap bikinis are the new trend, because who needs to pay $100 for barely any clothing?! Amazon is a tricky place to shop for bikinis, but if you look at the reviews you’ll get a pretty good idea of what to expect. This bikini set is super on trend right now, and even comes with a really cute sarong to tie over top as a coverup. It’s the perfect bikini for drinks on the beach with your friends, and you’re guaranteed to get a good pic in it.

7. Vivienne Westwood-inspired Necklace- $15.69

Vivienne Westwood-style necklaces are super in right now, but the real ones can be a little expensive. A perfect dupe exists, thank goodness. You’ll want one of these to go the extra mile with any outfit, and the pearls will look great with the gold and diamond pendant. I own one similar to it and I have gotten so many compliments, so you know it’s a winner.

8. Evil Eye Ring- $20.99

The rule of shopping for cheap jewelry is to find some that looks as close to the real thing as possible. The jewel detailing on this ring is beautiful, and the gold band is sure to catch the eyes of anyone who sees it. I am absolutely obsessed with any kind of ring that I don’t see a lot of people wearing, and this one is simply stunning.

9. Brow Soap- $7.88

Brow soap is the next big thing if you want to look like your brows were laminated, but don’t want to spend the actual money on having them done. For under $10, you get two containers of brow soap. All you do is wet the spoolie it comes with, rub it on the soap and brush your eyebrow hairs upward. This will create the laminated look like all of the influencers have for such a low price. Amazon has our back with this purchase.

10. Ruched Side Dress- $24.99

I recently purchased this dress in black, and was super impressed with the results. It looks so flattering on, and can be ruched to any length you desire. I received so many compliments on this dress, and it can be worn in any setting. Pair it with white sneakers and a jean jacket for a more casual look, or with heels/sandals for a night out look. Either way, it is a versatile dress that looks good on anyone.

11. Yoga Sweatpants- $22.99

These. Pants. Are. The. Comfiest. Pants. Ever. I am actually obsessed, so obsessed that I ordered a second pair immediately after wearing the first pair. I forced all of my roommates to feel these pants, I made my mom buy a pair. I would literally wear them everyday if I had enough pairs. Buy these pants.

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12. Seamless Bralette 5 Pack- $17.99

These bralettes are super cute to wear with high waisted loungewear, such as leggings, the pants I mentioned before, or shorts. You can also dress them up with high waisted jeans, shorts or skirts. They are so cute and super comfortable, and are half the price you would be charged at a regular retail store. I wear them at all hours of the day, and with any look I want to achieve.

13. Shampoo Scalp Brush- $8.58

This is the Holy Grail for a girl in college. As we all know, the water quality at school is not ideal for girls hair. Tons of metals and unfiltered water cause buildup and grease in our hair, and it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t fix it. Well do I have the item for you that saved my hair at school. Use an apple cider vinegar shampoo and the shampoo brush followed by a hydrating conditioner and all the buildup and dandruff you once knew is gone in an instant. I’m not kidding you’ll immediately feel the difference, thanks Amazon.

14. Castor Oil- $9.99

If you’re on a hair growth journey like myself, but don’t want to spend hundreds on lash serum, eyebrow serum, hair growth pills and whatever else, enter castor oil. I put this oil on my lashes and on my scalp every night before bed, and I saw some pretty amazing results in a short period of time. I shower in the mornings, so all of the oil is out of my hair by the time I start my day. People rave about castor oil helping their hair grow inches in a matter of months, just in time for Hot Girl Summer.

15. 4 Pack Silk Bandanas- $13.99

Bandanas are trending currently, and can cover up any bad hair day in a matter of minutes. They’re also super useful for a Y2K look or driving in a car with the top down. Your hair doesn’t get ruined, and you get four individual bandanas that are guaranteed to be a staple in your wardrobe.

These products are all staples in my apartment and have helped me greatly throughout my college career. I wouldn’t lead you guys astray so let me know in the comments which products you’re going to buy next!

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Jai Phillips

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