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The 15 Highest Ranked Amazon Coffee Table Books Right Now

The 15 Highest Ranked Amazon Coffee Table Books Right Now

Coffee table books are like art pieces for your coffee table. They’re over sized with beautiful covers you can put on display in the middle of your living room, which as a bonus people can peruse through whenever they’re chilling on the couch. The greatest part is that so many have been created for a variety of interests, all eye catching, awe inducing, or inspiring. Check out these 15 Amazon coffee table books to find a piece of eye candy to finally complete your coffee table look.

1. Goats of Anarchy

This coffee table book comes from the popular Instagram account of the same name. Both document the life of epically kind soul, Leanne Lauricella, as she years ago stopped her life to create a goat sanctuary, a safe, nurturing home for goats with special needs. This highly ranked coffee table book will bring joy to any living room with its many adorable goat pictures and heart warming stories. You’ll quickly lose the attention of any goat-lover who stops to look through, or just those who appreciate general cuteness.


2. Tigers Forever

I’m not gonna lie–most of these top ranked coffee table books focus on pictures of animals, which doesn’t really surprise me at all. The great part is that while they feature amazing photos of gorgeous animals, the purchase of them also supports organizations that work to care for or even save these animals from extinction. This coffee table book by National Geographic is all about tigers and our need to help those precious big cats. Anyone who stops to read can follow a man’s journey through the jungle to document their lives and learn all about why these beauties are worth our time saving for Amazon coffee table books.

3. Humans of New York: Stories

The real excitement around Humans of New York may have died down in the last years, but the amazing quality of the pictures and project remains. We all love sharing our stories amongst each other, but there are so many amazing tales out there you’ll never get to here, tales about people surviving hardships with hope or just living simple and beautiful lives. Humans of New York documents that, and this book allows you to have all those heartwarming stories right there on your coffee table.


4. Cats on Catnip

Honestly, if anything is gonna get me quickly distracted on the internet, it’s pictures or videos of cats doing crazy things. I think I would be truly living to have that kind of content immediately available on my coffee table with a book like this one. Who doesn’t want to laugh until they cry looking at photos of cats high on life? Well, and catnip. Enjoy seeing the little furballs go completely out of their minds with happiness by bringing this coffee table book into your home.


5. Underwater Dogs

If you want a book filled with hilarious and cute animal photos, but you’re more of a dog person than a cat person, your answer is here. These photos of dogs underwater will leave you a helpless puddle of aws and sighs and maybe even a few tears because they’re. just. so. cute. It’s such a fun and entertaining centerpiece for any room, and your coffee table will be a huge hit for any dog-loving visitors.

6. Atlas of Beer

Maybe your coffee table interests lay beyond animals. While I can’t necessarily relate, there are some pretty cool non-animal coffee table books out there, like this Atlas of Beer that will strike the fancy of any beer aficionado, interested in all things brewery and bar. You can drool over refreshing photos of pretty pints and learn tons about beer around the world. Rather than just flipping through photos, this coffee table book will definitely catch the eye through its fun facts and interesting stories.


7. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Another great coffee table interest option is to delve into the world of design with this book featuring the beautiful works of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. They’re the kind of works you’d find featured in a museum, but now available for at home on your coffee table, perfect for perusing in your free time. Plus design lovers can learn tons from the text about legendary McQueen in these Amazon coffee table books.


8. Overview

For the most part, you want your coffee table book to be filled with breathtaking photos, and there’s no better way to get that than to have to it filled with pictures of nature and our amazing planet. Overview has a cool new take on this pretty typical content by featuring photos solely taken from aerial perspectives. When viewed from the sky, our planet is an entirely different map of colorful patterns and great views for Amazon coffee table books.

9. Better Basics for the Home

This book is less of a looker and more of a fun read to pass the time waiting around at home. Finally we as a planet have somewhat started to wake up to the terrors of global warming together and began to look for solutions. You may just be one person existing in your day to day life, but a book like this can help you make that quiet living simpler, safer, and better for the planet. It’s filled with tips for living a better life for you and the planet.


10. The Great Book of Pub Trivia

If you want your coffee table book to be even more of a source of entertainment, place this book of trivia in the center of your room. No one passing by will be able to resist picking it up and answering a few questions. Get a crowd and the whole room instantly becomes a fun night of trivia without ever leaving your home for Amazon coffee table books.


11. Michelle Obama: A Photographic Journey

What better way to honor our favorite first lady and inspire us to live our best lives every day than by having a coffee table book all about Michelle Obama. It’s filled to the brim with pictures of Michelle slaying on a day to day basis and just generally spreading warmth and joy and elegance. Plus you can read lots about her amazing person and fill your heart with great quotes from the first lady herself.

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12. Atlas Obscura

The subtitle of this book is all you really need to know to be sure it would be a great addition to your coffee table, “an explorer’s guide to the world’s hidden wonders.” It’s filled with pictures and information about strange sights across the globe, things to see from every continent. You’ll be amazed by what you never even knew you were missing out on and inspired toward tons of new travel destinations.

13. Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

If you consider yourself a person who’s into photography, you definitely need to have around this huge compilation of Ansel Adams’ work, covering his lifetime of landscape picture-taking we still awe over today. If you’re not necessarily into photography, but still like looking cool and classy and cultured, you’d still definitely benefit from having this looker on your coffee table, filled with gorgeous shots of nature.


14. Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary

This book is all about the wow factor, which is no surprise from its subtitle, “photographs of the extraordinary.” The pages show off vibrantly colored photos of somehow completely natural sights that will take your breath away. It’s like having Planet Earth in a book sitting on your coffee table all the time.


15. The Atlas of Beauty

If you want a true book of inspiration to pass by everyday, buy The Atlas of Beauty. Rather than photos of animals or the natural world, this book focuses on the beauty of women everywhere, featuring 500 portraits of women from over 50 countries. It’s a truly breathtaking celebration of a diverse group of people that rarely gets enough attention, united in one beautiful book. Your home isn’t complete until you’ve found the perfect coffee table book to be that finishing touch. Find something you’ll love looking at, or love learning from, or even love being inspired by everyday. They’re great reminders of the amazing world we live in filled with amazing people, and to not take that for granted.. And they’re also just fun to have around. Check out these 15 Amazon coffee table books and find one perfect for your style and soul.

Which of these Amazon coffee table books are you going to get? Let us know.

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