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5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

We all go through that nerve-wracking phase of planning a marriage proposal for your soulmate. Occasions like this come once in a last time, and you want to make it worth and memorable. 

With so many ways and ideas to propose and the growing pressure from the social media with its couple goals, it can get difficult to decide how to propose. 

You don’t to worry about it. As long as you do it with your heart, you are going to be okay. Try your personal romantic and creative twist on th chiche proposal ideas. If you like it in a quiet and simple way, or you would like to let the whole world know, there is something for you to pick from. 

Whatever may your inclination be, remember that a good proposal is the one that captures the ture relation of the couple and the one that comes from your heart. If you are willing to go the extra mile for your proposal, you may want to consider getting a proposal photographer to capture each and every special moment you would share with your loved one. 

Use a special mug

You can use a mug that says “Will you marry me?” on the inside bottom made just for them. Surprise your better half and give their day a wonrful start. Just another morning, and your regular coffee can change the world around the two of you in a thoughtfully, romantic way. 

This is a beautiful way to propose to your soulmate, especially when your priorities of investment lie elsewhere for the time being. 

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

Make them go on a scavenger hunt

Send your girlfriend/boyfriend on a scavanger hunt, taking them throught clues as flashes through your relationship that you can place on several spots and places that have been close to the two of you. 

Let yourself be the final treasure. Be ready on your knees with a ring in your hand when your partner finally gets to the final place. It would be a great idea to either place some cameras on the final place, or even better, hire a photographer, if possible. These memories will last forever, and it will be worth the little extra input for a cherishing flashback to this beautiful days, a few years from now, or even to show to your grandchildren.

Nevertheless, two phone cameras, placed in two spots of your final place of proposal that would nicely cover the two of you would also solve the purpose very well. 

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

Put it in the newspaper

For the couple who likes to read the Sunday morning newspaper together with their morning tea, it would be a great idea to pop an ad in some section of the newspaper. Propose your to-be-fiance through the newspaper and let everyone know.

The more you would like to invest in the proposal, the more twerks you can make with the size and design of your ad. 

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

Surprise party

If your partner is a fun loving person who loves to party, a proposal party would be just perfect.

Arrange for a party with your close friends and family. Pick a room in your house and nicely decorate it before your partner gets home. You can fill the room with photo memories of the both of you since you met. You can make it even better by hanging these photos from helium baloons or covering the entire wall with photos. 

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You may consider working on the lighting of the room as it can make a huge difference to the feel and atmosphere of the situation. Consider using candles for a soft, romantic feel. However, be careful you dont light too many, causing suffocation. Christmas lights can also be neatly and cretively put that would look beautiful for the occasion. You can also use the candles as a trail to guide your better half to the room where you would be with the ring. 

You may continue the party with all your close people after you have proposed to your loved one. A custom made cake would also add to the charm of your surprise. 

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

 The Ultimate 

Propose like you are the lead character of the most romantic movie ever. Make your better half feel amazingly special by going several extra miles to make the moment memorable and romantic. 

You are gonna need a lot of patience, research work, and hard work for this proposal. So tighten your shoe laces and begin with picking a place. It may be something that is close to the both of you, or a vacation destination ofcourse will be great. You may pick a place by a fountain, hotel rooftop, national parks, or anything that has a personal significance in your lives. 

A little pricy, but totally worth would be to hire a choir, brass band or drum line to perform for your fiance-to-be. Request them to possibly add your finace’s name to their song to bring a personal touch. Just as much of a fairytale, rather modern, would be to take your love to a club/bar and have the DJ pass you the mic so you may dedicate a song to your fiance and propose to them on the dance floor. 

5 Amazing Yet Cheap Ideas To Propose To Your Soul Mate

Let us know how you proposed to your soulmate in the comments below. 

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