18 Amazing Winter Wonderlands From Around The World

If you love the coldness of winter, then your favourite season is not far away. There is nothing quite as beautiful then a crisp night and a blanket of twinkling white snow coating everything in sight. Unfortunately, you may not have snow where you live. So, if you are looking to visit or know about the beautiful places that do, keep on reading to find out 18 amazing winter wonderlands from around the world!

Magical Munich: Germany

Munich summarises a winter wonderland dream with their traditional Christmas markets. Here you can find mulled wine, traditional drinks and food, as well as handcrafted Christmas ornaments. Enjoy strolling through the wooden, authentic markets as you take in a view of 2,500 lights which illuminate a huge Christmas tree in front of the town hall.

Shirakawago, Japan:

The Ogimachi village in Shirakawago’s farm house region is a winter wonderland. Typically, it gets covered in two meters of snow in winter. It is truly an idyllic winter landscape. Not to mention he village organised a special illumination event which is truly spectacular!

St Petersburg, Russia:

Walk along the streets and enjoy frosted window displays. Take in a view of  snow covered palaces, statues and churches. Lit up trees and illuminated archways are at every corner, making Russia a spectacular winter wonderland.

Harbin, China:

If you want to see a man-made winter spectacular, then Harbin is the place to go. Each winter there is an international snow and ice sculpture festival. Enjoy the views of huge sculptures such as palaces. The icy art is lit up for a truly breath-taking view. This should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Amazing Austria:

Salzburg, in Austria is an amazing Christmas city break. The markets are amazing and full of tasty food to try and one off crafts. The back drop of snow tipped alps make a delightful view to enjoy. You can also explore the wilderness side of Austria not too far from Salzburg.

The USA in lights:

If bright lights amaze you, the USA is a winter wonderland in the colder months. One of the best cities for amazing light displays is Chicago. Its twinkling trees seem more like a piece of art. Detroit also put on a dancing light show where the lights dance to music. This is a unique winter wonderland experience you have to see.

Splendid Spain

Alcazar of Segovia in central Spain is truly beautiful. It was once a fortress, a royal palace and a prison.  Now it is a museum for the public and the Alcazar is striking all year round, with the design inspired by bows on a ship. When winter arrives, it is truly a wonderland.

Amsterdam, the Neverlands:

When Amsterdam is covered In a blanket of snow it is truly beautiful. The Dutch capital turns into a haven of winter fun with ice skating rinks, illuminated lights everywhere and various festivities all over the city.

Canada: Whistler, British Columbia

If you love to ski, this spectacular mountain community was named North Americas best resort by ski magazines readers. This pretty village is perfect for anyone who enjoys sports in a winter wonderland.

Luscious Lapland:

When you think of a winter wonderland, Lapland is one of the first places that springs to mind. This magical place Is located deep inside the arctic circle and blanketed in snow. You can enjoy a range of activities from ice fishing to meeting reindeers.

Exciting Edinburgh, Scotland:

Yes, the UK even has a winter wonderland to offer. Edinburgh, in Scotland has amazing Christmas markets, ice skating and if you are lucky enough to get snow in the cold city, then you are in for a treat as it settles on castles, churches and green space. If you are even more fortunate, you may catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Mystic Milan, Italy:

This beautiful city is amazing year-round, but at Christmas you can enjoy ice rinks, the market, fairs and Darsena Christmas village. You will be able to find a whole selection of unique handmade creations. If you head to Navigli the channel of Milan, you can watch water gradually turn into ice.

See Also

Yosemite national park:

This natural beauty is a true winter wonderland. Watch the sky turn into a rainbow of beautiful colours, enjoy the crisp air on your skin and the snow covering huge tree’s and cliffs. This haven is a true wonder.

Queenstown, New Zealand:

Located along the pristine waters of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by snowy mountains. It is the perfect winter wonderland where you can enjoy fresh air and spectacular views.

Quebec City, Canada:

If you are looking for a fun packed holiday Quebec is the place to be, with sledge runs, skiing and so much more you won’t be short of things to do. This is totally one of the best winter wonderlands.


Plitcive National Park in Croatia is a series of lakes and majesty. Imagine this frozen which makes it a visual master piece!

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan:

This unmissable winter landscape is a dramatic master piece. Watch the snow monkeys bathe in steaming hot springs as they are covered in snow!

London, UK:

If the UK is lucky enough to receive some winter snow, London is the place to be. In particular Richmond park. Watch wild deer gallop around the huge space as the snow falls. You won’t feel like you are in London! This is one of the best winter wonderlands.

What is your favourite of these winter wonderlands? Which winter wonderlands did we miss? Be sure to let us know in the comment below!
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