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Amazing Winter Eye Shadow Looks You’ll Be Wearing All Season

Amazing Winter Eye Shadow Looks You’ll Be Wearing All Season

To be honest, winter is one of my favorite seasons. Now, I know that a lot of people don’t like winter even in the slightest, but I believe that it’s a time of quiet beauty and tranquility. I also love the colors that surround this icy season; the blues, whites, golds, greens, and the list goes on. These colors are seen everywhere around this time of the year, so, why not incorporate them into your makeup? With these gorgeous winter eye shadow looks; you’ll not only look striking but feel like the Snow Queen herself. 

1. Red & Gold 

This beautiful winter eye shadow look just screams sultry. The deep red of the eye shadow on the top lid and underneath the lower lash line creates a look that’s mysterious, and yet inviting. I love the added gold in the inner corner of the eye, it creates a stunning contrast with the red. And a shadowed pale orange subtly swept around the red completes this bewitching look by giving it a touch of warmth. This eye shadow look is perfect for a night out on the town, or if you’re just feeling a little extra that day. Trust me, I’ve definitely worn looks like this to the grocery store. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel pretty, and it doesn’t matter if she’s going to the most swankiest restaurant downtown or picking up a to-go order. Red and gold are definitely in this season, so don’t be afraid to go bold with it; make a statement! 


2. Rose Gold & Pink 

Who says you can’t be pretty in pink in the winter? With this soft rose gold eye shadow on the lid and a darker pink blended around it, you’ll be wanting to wear this winter eye shadow look all season long. This look is still bold, yet not harsh. You should definitely highlight the center of your eyelid with the rose gold and gently blend it out from there; this is the focal point of the look. Then take a deep pink and create a smokey eye around the rose gold. I love this look because it can be matched with tons of cute outfits, and would also look great going out to a nightclub. This look is definitely for those ladies who simply adore pink, and with the added darker pink tones, it works perfectly for a beautiful winter eye shadow look. 

3. Blue & White 

Nothing says winter quite like the colors of blue and white. These two hues are seen around every corner during the season. This winter eye shadow look brings the two colors together in a stunning and icy way. A light blue eye shadow starts from the inner corner and goes to the halfway point of the eyelid, while a darker blue picks up from there and is blended to the outer corner. The same light blue eye shadow is used as a highlight on the brow bone, as well as subtly underneath the lower lash line. And to give this look a frostier side, a white eye shadow is blended over top of the light blue on the eyelid. This look is quite reminiscent of Elsa’s ice dress from the Disney movie Frozen. The hues of this winter eye shadow look blend beautifully together as well, almost as if they’re meant to be. This eye shadow look can be a wonderful choice for those days that are cold and snowy.  


4. White & Silver 

For those of us who want a more subdued look, this winter eye shadow is simply perfect. White and silver are already neutral colors, and can work with any eye color in my opinion. This look is the definition of a winter wonderland. A sparkly white eye shadow covers most of the eyelid, while a darker silver is blended on the inner eyelid corner and underneath the lower lash line. To get the subtleness of the dark silver, blend it out as much as you can, but just remember a little pigment goes a long way. This winter eye shadow look reminds me of freshly fallen snow, with the way that it shimmers in the light. A frosty eye shadow that works as a daytime look or pretty evening look.


5. White & Emerald Green

Here is a stunning winter eye shadow look that appears as if you just blew in from the Emerald Isle itself. A beautiful emerald green covers a majority of your eyelid, and is swept slightly around the outer corner of your eye meeting underneath your lower lash line halfway. While a white eye shadow is subtly brushed into the corner of the eye and lining underneath the remaining half of your lower lash line. A light charcoal color ties this look together by creating definition on the lowest part of your brow bone and underneath the white and green of the lower lash line. This look is definitely one of my favorites, and you don’t see a lot of women who wear green eye shadow very often. An alluring winter eye shadow look that you’ll be wanting to wear again and again. 

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6. Gold & Bronze

I love this gold and bronze winter eye shadow look! It’s a warm and bright look for even the coldest of winter days. A shimmery gold is used on the center top eyelid, as well as under the center part of your lash line. A warm bronze eye shadow is then brushed all the way around the eye going to the top of your brow bone; don’t forget to blend! To finish off this look use a darker nude color to create a slight shadow underneath the gold and bronze of the lower lash line. This eye shadow look is subtle enough to be worn on the daily without being too overpowering, and helps in brightening up the eyes. This might honestly be my go-to eye shadow look for the season, it’s so simple and beautiful! 

7. Pale Pink 

Yes, another gorgeous pink winter eye shadow look that you’ll want to be showing off in no time! This casual eye shadow look is just too pretty to pass up this season. A glimmering pale pink eye shadow covers the entire eyelid, while peach and nude tones highlight the brow bone and are softly blended down to each corner of the eye. It’s such a soft and feminine look. The pink is just pale enough to mimic the look of snow, and even glistens subtly in the same way. A seemingly perfect eye shadow great for daytime wear such as running your normal errands or meeting the girls for coffee. 


Did one of these gorgeous winter eye shadow looks catch your eye? Are there any other looks you would suggest? Drop your comments below!

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