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10 Amazing West Coast Cities To Travel To This Summer

10 Amazing West Coast Cities To Travel To This Summer

Are you looking to hit the road this summer and explore the west coast? Here are ten amazing west coast cities to travel to and explore this summer!

1. San Francisco, California

This fantastic west coast city in San Francisco’s county in California is a must-visit city while in Northern California. The 16th most populated city in the United States has a lot to offer people in the summertime. The city by the bay has a lot to offer when it comes to sights, sounds, and entertainment from Fisherman’s Wharf, Dolores Park, Pier 39. If you want to catch a concert, San Francisco is also home to the state of the art area, the Chase Center home to the Golden State Warriors. You can also see a San Francisco Giants game at Oracle Park. San Francisco, in the summertime, is a great city to visit and is a must-visit city while on the west coast.


2. Portland, Oregon

Known as Oregon’s largest city, Portland is a unique city on the west coast. Portland, known for its parks, beautiful nature spots, infrastructure, hiking trails, and craft beer and spirits taprooms and breweries, is a must-visit city on the west coast. If you love coffee, food courts, art, zen gardens, and soccer, then you’ll love the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon.

3. Reno, Nevada

Know as the world’s biggest little city in the world, Reno, Nevada, is a city on the west coast that has a lot of history and a lot of character. Even though this west coast city is small in stature and square footage, Reno has a lot to offer regarding culture and entertainment. Downtown Reno has a lot of energy, passion, and character. Located right next to the University of Nevada, Reno, downtown Reno provides people with all the entertainment, food, and culture people can handle. There are so many great things about the biggest little city in the world, from the food, scenery, people, gaming, hiking trails, and if you’re on the west coast, you need to experience Reno in person.


4. South Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

South Lake Tahoe is a trendy California resort city on the shores of Lake Tahoe. This fantastic west coast city is known for its excellent hiking trails, picnic areas, and beaches. South Lake Tahoe is a must-go-to destination in the summer! This west coast city’s bars, casinos, hotels, and restaurants border Nevada and California’s State line. The beauty of the mountains, lake, and hiking trails alone will have you in awe of the majestic place that is Lake Tahoe. If you’re ever in California or Nevada, you need to stop by South Lake Tahoe and check out the beauty of Lake Tahoe as a whole.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

This west coast city is one of the most popular cities to visit on the west coast. Las Vegas, officially the city of Las Vegas, better know as Vegas, is the most populated city in the great state of Nevada. If you love the nightlife, then this is the best city on the west coast for you! This neon-lit city in the middle of the desert is home to luxury resorts, themed hotels, 24-hour casinos, sportsbooks, and big game entertainment. If you want to relax, Vegas also offers various swimming pools, lazy rivers, hiking trails, shows, concerts, and luxurious restaurants for people to unwind and relax. Know as Sin City, Las Vegas is a must-visit city while in Nevada. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

6. San Diego, California

A city on the pacific coast of California, San Diego is a top west coast city to visit any time of the year. This west coast city is well known for its pristine beaches, beautiful parks, and a warm climate that will make people rethink leaving this city. The city of San Diego is a very family-friendly city. From going to their world-famous San Diego Zoo to the various art galleries and museums to the deep harbor, home of the USS Midway’s active fleet, along with the gorgeous beaches and beautiful weather year-round, San Diego is a must-visit the city on the west coast.


7. Seattle, Washington

This west coast city located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States is one of the most beautiful cities to visit while in Washington. Washington state’s largest city is home to many tech giants, Microsoft and Amazon, along with many stunning scenic views. There are so many things people can do while in Seattle. People can visit the very popular Space Needle or head to the Pike Place Market to pick up some fish. This west coast city has an abundance of fascinating museums, hiking trails, and parks. They are also known for their craft breweries and coffee and many breweries, taprooms, and coffee shops around the city.

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8. Monterey, California

Like most cities on the west coast in California, Monterey is a city on the rugged and rough central coast. Monterey, California, is a great place to take the whole family during the summer. From Cannery Row to the popular bars and restaurants basically on the water in factories to the fabulous beaches and the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium with thousand of plant life and marine animals on display, along with elite golf courses with amazing views. This fantastic west coast city has everything the whole family will love.


9. Honolulu, Hawaii

On the beautiful island of Oahu’s south shore, Honolulu is a majestic city to visit that people get away to and relax on the west coast. Honolulu is the capital of the state of Hawaii and the gateway to the United States Island chain. Honolulu is a premier vacation destination to travel to in the summer. Known for their nightlife, shopping, iconic beaches and hotels, fantastic hiking trails, and sites make Honolulu a wonderful west coast city to visit during the summertime. If you love warm weather, great people, and beautiful beaches and scenery, you’ll need to head over to Honolulu this summer.

10. Santa Cruz, California

This city on California’s central coast is a unique west coast city to travel to during the summer. Santa Cruz has everything that the family will love. From the beautiful beaches, excellent seafood, bars, shopping, hiking trails, and the world-famous Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, Santa Cruz is a trendy destination for locals and tourists to visit during the summer. Known for its beaches, wildlife, hiking trails, and chill west coast atmosphere, Santa Cruz is a unique west coast city that everyone should visit while on the west coast.


Those are some amazing west coast cities that you should travel to this summer. Do you like our list? Are we missing any cities on the west coast? Tell us in the comments below. Safe Travels!

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