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15 Amazing Ways To Wear Boho Kimonos

With Spring here, it’s time to bust out the kimonos. Wearing these is a beautiful trend that happens every spring and summer. Kimonos are stylish and a great way to dress up any outfit. There are so many amazing ways to wear boho kimonos and we’ve gathered the best inspirations below!

1) Festival Ready

Coachella is just right around the corner. Literally. This amazing outfit is such a great outfit for Coachella. Wear your favorite high waist shorts with a basic top and then pair it up with your cutest boho kimono. Afterwards, wear knee high or even over the knee boots. Accessorize your outfit with shades and a floppy hat to make sure no sand gets in your eye. Although the desert is very warm, it does get windy with sand flying into your eye. This outfit is perfect for Coachella!

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2) Cover Up

A lot of people wear kimonos as a cover up for the beach. You can wear the cutest bikini you have and then have a boho kimono to throw on top. This kimono will make you stand out and make you beach ready. Also, they’re perfect for photos!

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3) Simplicity

This is for anyone who likes wearing a simple top and shorts. Throw on a long boho kimono for a statement piece or even a pop of color. Although your outfit may be “simple,” the boho kimono is the perfect touch for a hint of trendiness.

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4) Vintage Chic

For anyone who loves a good boot-cut, this outfit is for you. Throw on your favorite band tee with some old-school boot-cut jeans and then, throw on a cute boho kimono. This will make your outfit look vintage but chic at the same time. This is yet another one of the many amazing ways to wear boho kimonos.

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5) The Trendy Outfit

This is the trendy outfit where you’ll wear a basic tee, boyfriend jeans, a cute statement piece, a floppy hat and then a boho kimono. You’re combining different trends into one outfit. This is guaranteed to make you look trendy but it’s another one of the amazing ways to wear boho kimonos.

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6) The Girly Outfit

For all the girls who consider themselves to be girly, this is for you. Basically, throw on a crop top, a cute skirt and then throw on your kimono. This is a cute, stylish and trendy way to style boho kimonos. For extra cuteness, you can totally throw on a flower crown as well. This is the perfect look for Spring and Summer, and even festivals!

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7) Romper Outfit

For those of you who love wearing rompers, why not style them with boho kimonos? Like this outfit, you can wear a plain white romper or a colored one and then throw on a boho kimono cardigan. This outfit is great for summer concerts or even a casual summer day. It’s such a cute way to incorporate kimonos into your wardrobe.

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8) Perforated Outfit

Related to the outfit above, but instead, you’ll wear a crochet dress or romper. This is the perfect festival outfit to wear. You’ll be trendy and cute. The boho kimono is the perfect touch to keep you looking chic and cute. This is a great outfit for the spring and summer as well.

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9) Statement Outfit

For everyone who loves standing out, this is the best outfit and one of the amazing ways to wear boho kimonos. Who says you can’t put different designs together? Wear your favorite top whether it’s multicolored or multi-designed, and then, throw on a cute skirt. This can be leather, suede, etc. Afterwards, throw on your favorite boho kimono. This is a cute way to always stay trendy and stand out.

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10) Old School Outfit

Anyone here loves boot-cut jeans? This is for you! Throw on your favorite pair of boot-cut jeans and then pair it up with a basic tee. Afterwards, throw on a boho kimono for a hint of chic. This is a great “throwback” outfit and “old-school” vibes. It’s cute and a great way to bring back boot-cut jeans!

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11) Tassel Outfit

For anyone who loves crotchet, throw on a crotchet crop top or bralette and pair it up with cute high waist jeans. Then, throw on a boho kimono for a cute trendy look. Fringes and tassels are totally in so if you have fringe boots or a fringe crop top, wear that instead! You’ll be trendy and cute!

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12) Fringe Outfit

This is related to the outfit above but instead of crop tops and shorts, you’ll wear a cringe band tee or any graphic tee. Then, you’ll pair it up with some old school jeans like boot-cut ones. Then, throw on your boho kimono for a retro outfit. This is for anyone who loves the vintage look!

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13) Dresses With Kimonos

Related to the outfits above, you’ll wear a dress and style it with a boho kimono. Dresses that are the same length as the kimono make a great layered look. This is a great way to style and layer boho kimonos. Also, to make this outfit even trendier, throw on a statement bohemian necklace for an even trendier outfit.

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14) Relaxed Outfit

For those of you who don’t really care to dress all fancy, this outfit is for you. It’s similar to the outfits above but you’ll wear skinny jeans with a basic tee and then throw on a boho kimono to make your outfit dressed up. For a 70’s vibe, you can throw on rainbow shades or circle shades.

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15) Maxi Outfit

For anyone who loves maxi dresses, you can pair them up with a boho kimono for an even trendier outfit. Then, throw on your favorite sandals and style your hair up. You’ll look chic, trendy and cute. Then, throw on a statement necklace or a layered necklace and your outfit will be the cutest one around the block! There are so many amazing ways to wear a boho kimono. Hopefully, these outfits give you an idea on how to style them!

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Which of these amazing ways to wear boho kimonos would you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured Image Source: Vogue Mexico


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