8 Amazing Travel Gifts To Give Your Traveling Friends

Travel gifts are essential for every traveler. If you have a friend who loves going on adventures you should put in the effort to give them a gift that will benefit them while they’re on a trip. These travel gifts are unique, fun and handy to have around. Here are eight amazing travel gifts to give your traveling friends.

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make packing a suitcase easy. This will save your friend a lot of time when it comes to keeping their travel bags organized and efficient. The space that will be saved by using packing cubes will allow your friend extra space to pack more personal belongings or simply pack more cool souvenirs.

2. Portable Cup

Cups always come in handy for a traveler. With a portable cup, your friend can easily fill up their personal cup at water stations, hook the cup to their backpack or even store the cup in small spaces. These cups tend to come in a variety of fun, cute, and funky designs that are sure to brighten your friend’s day. These kind of cups are not only amazing travel gifts but they save the environment from plastic waste. Some portable cups are collapsible.

3. Watercolor Map

A watercolor map allows your travel friend to get creative. Travelers are able to scratch off the countries or states they have traveled to. This is a very fun and unique way to stay informed about where you have traveled.

4.  Polaroid Camera

Be an amazing friend and get you bestie a Polaroid camera that allows them to take cute pictures and get those images instantly. Polaroid is not only fast but completely vintage that will have your friend loving you even more.

5. Travel Journal Or Planner

Travel journals or planners are simple travel gifts that keep travelers on track with their journey. These items are beautiful documents that every traveler can look back on and remember their extraordinary experience abroad or somewhere different. You never know maybe so day your friend might want to write a book. At least with a planner or journal they have an accurate account written down about their life.

6. Locks

Why in the world would I give my friend a lock? Why wouldn’t you is the question? A lock is a perfect travel gift for a travel friend because it keeps possessions safe. When your friend is sharing a hostel with three other people they are able to lock their important belongings up in the lockers provided. This eliminates worry and allows for a stress-free adventure. So kudos to you for buying them a lock.

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7. Travel Pillow

Buy your friend what they’re too lazy to buy for themselves, a travel pillow. This travel gift will have your friend relaxed as they take their long flights to their beautiful destinations. Neck pillows over the years have become very creative in designs. Therefore, pick a travel pillow that fits your friend’s personality so they will know that pillow was bought for them.

8. Cardholders

A smart travel gift for your friend would be a cardholder so they can keep their credit cards in one place. These cardholders sometimes come as necklaces so they can be worn in view at all times. Plus, some cardholders are waterproof for those who plan to go to the beach or do a lot of swimming. You never know where your wanderlust friends will go.

These amazing travel gifts come from the heart and will have your friend thinking about you for their entire trip. What travel gifts have your interest? Let us know in the comment section what kind of travel gift you would love to receive.
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