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Amazing Tips On How To Start Thrift Shopping

Amazing Tips On How To Start Thrift Shopping

There are many reasons why you should start thrift shopping. You get to buy and put together unique outfits that no one else has, and it helps the environment! If you have never been thrift shopping before, it is not hard to start doing it. Here are some amazing tips on how to start thrift shopping, so you are prepared and can have a great time! 

What You’re Looking For 

Showing up to a thrift store can be a bit intimidating at first. There can be so much, you don’t know where to begin. So, before you go thrift shopping, make a list of the different clothing pieces you want to look for.

It helps to be specific in what you want, you might be surprised that you can actually find what you’re looking for! Making a list will really help you narrow down the large amount of options you have once you get to the store.


Knowing what you’re looking for helps because you can focus on the quality of the thrifted item rather then just looking around not knowing where to start. It makes your shopping trip less stressful. Having a list is great and the fun about thrifting is that you never know what you might find! 

A Comfy Outfit 

Going thrift shopping can be an all day activity, looking through a large store or going to many different stores. You always want to be comfortable when you go shopping, so pick out an outfit that does exactly that.


There are other factors to consider when you’re picking an outfit to go thrifting. For your top, make sure to put on something you can either easily take off when you’re trying on clothes or something that you can put thrifted items over, in case there is no dressing room at the store. So, a t-shirt or a tank top would work the best.

For your bottoms, pick comfortable pants, that are easy to take off, for when you are trying clothes on. For shoes, wear some sneakers because they will help support your feet when you’re walking all around the stores. You may not believe it but having a comfy outfit to go thrifting in will help you have a great time shopping! 


Have Your Hands Free 

Once you start thrifting items, you’re going to realize how much you need both of your hands! While looking through the different racks, and carrying the good pieces you have found, you’re not going to want anything extra to carry around.

The best solution for this problem is to bring a small backpack to put all your belongings in. The backpack will be perfect to put your wallet, car keys, and anything else you carry with you.

It also makes it possible for you to bring a water bottle, for when you get thirsty from all the thrifting you’re going to be doing. So, having a small backpack will help you have your hands free to do all the thrifting possible!  


Try It On 

Once you start finding good pieces as you’re thrift shopping, you will get ideas of the different outfits you can create. Be sure to try on all the clothes you pick out, to be sure that it fits the way you like it.

Trying on the clothes will also help you confirm that you want to buy it, and that you can see yourself wearing it. It can give you ideas if you want to take a few items to DIY a potential piece that will fit your style. Something popular right now is thrifting men’s Polo shirts, and turning them into a two piece matching set.


This is why it is important to wear a comfortable outfit to go thrifting, because it makes it easier to go try on different clothes. And if there isn’t a dressing room at the store you are at, wear something that you can try clothes over.

Trying on clothes will give you confidence in your purchase, help you gain ideas and be sure that you will wear that piece once you do buy it! 

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Take A Friend

Doing things solo can be relaxing and productive, but it is also fun to have someone to keep you company. Find a friend or a few that will enjoy going thrift shopping with you!

You can try to find a friend that already loves to go thrifting. They will be able to help you out picking a good thrift store near you. They can also let you know about the different specials that the thrift store may have.


You can find a friend that will just be happy to go on this adventure with you. They can be an extra pair of eyes to look for what you want or help you decided if a clothing pieces looks good on you!

Doing things with a friend make it less intimidating and gives you encouragement to try something new. Going thrift shopping can be something that you will enjoy together! So, you will have someone to be your partner in something so fun! 


Wash Your Pieces 

Once you have completed your first thrifting experience, you still have so much to do once you get home! It’s important to remember that these clothing pieces may have been on the hanger for quite some time, so you should always wash your thrifted pieces before wearing them out.

Washing your pieces will make them look like new! If you thrifted pieces that you plan to fix up to make them fit better, do the modifications first and the wash it. This way it is ready to be worn right when it gets out of the dryer!

As you wash your clothes, remember that you once had no clue of where to start! Thrift shopping has many benefits that make it sustainable fashion, but it is also something that if fun to do! Doing it by yourself or with a friend or two, there will always be a clothing piece you will find that will surprise you. So, happy thrift shopping! 


Did you find any of these tips helpful? Are you ready to go thrift shopping? Let us know in the comments below! 

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