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8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

Travelling to Hungary this year? Want to see some of the best sites its capital city has to offer? Look no further for eight amazing things you didn’t know you could do in Budapest.

1. Gellért thermal baths

Budapest’s famous thermal baths will keep you warm during the winter! Its main tourist attraction is located outside, where two large pools wait for you in earnest. There are also an abundance of indoor pools and spas for you to try out. These baths are beautiful to look at and will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

2. Ruin bars

If you’re uncertain of things to do in Budapest during the night, look no further than its famous ruin bars! These establishments are built inside ruined and abandoned buildings, which creates an interesting, edgy vibe. Inside, these buildings have dark lighting, dimmed lights and, oftentimes, graffiti to look at. If you like all things grunge, you’ll love these bars!

3. Parliament

If you’re looking for more historical things to do in Budapest, you should visit the Hungarian Parliament Building! With its beautiful, regal architecture and royal decor, this building is one of the world’s finest. For a small fee, you can appreciate this landmark from the inside. You can’t return from Budapest without visiting Parliament!

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

4. Buda Castle

Almost directly opposite Széchenyi Chain Bridge lies Buda Castle! This beautiful palace is home to breathtaking architecture, royal history and fantastic views of the city. Visiting this castle is one of the most awe-inspiring things you can do in Budapest. Here, you’ll get a great view of the Hungarian Parliament Building and the Danube River, which are both located directly across and beneath the Buda Castle’s towers!

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

5. Budapest Eye

Are you a bit of a thrill-seeker, looking for fun things to do in Budapest? The Budapest Eye is a large ferris wheel which will grant you great views of the city! This ride is definitely worth your money. For a small fee, you’ll be taken up and around numerous times, so that you can catch a glance of Budapest from every angle. This site is even more spectacular at night, when it is lit up with bright silver lights. Against a midnight backdrop, it looks like a man-made star!

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6. Fisherman’s Bastion

This beautiful landmark is located right across from Buda Castle! Designed with romantic, Disney-like architecture, this landmark looks like a painting, and is a truly unforgettable site. Its walkways will grant you an amazing photo of the entire building, and will also show you one of the best views Budapest has to offer!

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

7. Shoes on the Danube Bank

Budapest possesses a lot of history. While it’s important to see all of the beautiful things this city has to offer, we must also acknowledge its past. This memorial pays homage to the Jewish men, women and children who were murdered during the second world war. It’s a haunting sight, but one we must pay attention and respect to.

8. Danube River

Take the time to appreciate the Danube—one of the longest rivers in all of Europe! This river is expansive, and its waters reflect a stunning emerald hue. Budapest offers many river tours which take place throughout the day. If you’re lucky, try to see the city by night! The golden lights of attractions like the Hungarian Parliament building will be reflected in the waters, appearing like a molten mirage. This is a great to say goodbye to Budapest at the end of your trip!

8 Amazing Things To Do In Budapest You Didn’t Know About

Did you enjoy these recommendations of things to do in Budapest? Let us know what you got up to by commenting below!

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