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15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD


All of us have a bottle of tequila somewhere sitting underneath our alcohol cabinet that we have no idea what to do with. It’s an unavoidable fact that it’s a bit of an oddity when it comes to high proof alcohols. Unlike vodka or rum, while it can be taken just like a shot, it has an extraordinary taste that needs to be combined with. Sure, you can make it like a shot, but that isn’t recommended. The best place that tequila shines is in cocktails. So, to help get you started on making room in your cabinet, here are 15 awesome tequila drink recipes that you have to try.

Tequila sunrise

A classic in tequila drink recipes, it’s no wonder how this staple of cocktail drink made it to the top of the list. With its refreshing taste of orange juice and grenadine served in a tantalizing ombre effect and often topped with a lovely little cherry on top, there’s no wonder that everyone has heard of this drink before. If you ever have the ingredients to have it’s highly recommended, not only are they easy to come by, but you’ll be thanking yourself for such a refreshing taste of summer.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD



A Mojito is just about as iconic as a tequila sunrise. If not more so. This staple of tequila drink recipes is known for its sour citrus bite offset by the sweet and gentle taste of tequila mixed in with a lovely bit of mint. The mixture of white rum with tequila really sets this drink apart from the rest and compliments everything so well it’s hard to resist.


If it’s a staple gold star standard that you’re looking for, then look no further than the margarita for your tequila drink recipes. This one drink and all its variations have been known as one of the best ways to utilize tequila the bar world over. Known for its presence in parties for with the girl’s night out, this drink is known to pack a flavor punch. Whether you take it neat or as a slushie, there’s no reason to give the classic margarita a go.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD



Named after the legendary bird spirit, this is also known as the “working man’s drink.” You make it by combining tequila, a bit of lime juice, and some grapefruit soda after lining the rim with salt. Although there are many variations to this drink, such as substituting the grapefruit soda for some other carbonated citrus soft drink of choice, there really is nothing like the original. Super refreshing and all-around well balanced in flavor, this tequila drink recipe highly recommended if you’re looking for a fresh new taste.

Tequila Manhattan

 You can probably guess what this drink is, it’s just a Manhattan cocktail with tequila instead of bourbon. And yes, this might seem like a cope out at first, but you genuinely don’t know how good this drink can be unless you’ve had it for yourself. It’s complicated with a nuanced sweetness that makes this drink even more enjoyable to sip next to the fire. So next time you’re looking for a more sophisticated drink but don’t have any of that good rye on you, try searching for this in your tequila drink recipes instead.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD


Chalino Special

If you don’t have this in your list of tequila drink recipes yet, well, my friend, you should add it right now. A bit more on the obscure side of cocktails, many bartenders may not know what you’re asking for if you bring this up, and that’s okay! You can easily make this at home with simple syrup, lime and lemon juice, tequila, and crème de cassis. Of course, if you don’t have crème de cassis, you can always substitute that with Chambord or some other tart yet sweet berry-flavored liquor.

Long Island Iced Tea

This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to using tequila. Sure, the list of ingredients that goes into it is a bit extensive, but it’s also s very delicious and so very worth it if you’re looking to have a fun time. Adding this to your list of tequila drink recipes is a guarantee that you’ll be a hit at any party or not when a bartender is needed. Whether you’re at a beach with friends, or just at a summer cookout with family, this is the drink for the occasion.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD


La Rosita

This drink is often called the negroni of tequila cocktails. It definitely has a bit of a sophisticated edge to it and isn’t often lauded in many run of the mill bars. But don’t let that stop you from putting this in your library of tequila drink recipes. Not only is it the perfect summer cocktail when you’re looking for a refreshing and laid-back drink. It’s also very delightful to drink and is very smooth, taking the edge off of your tequila in favor of a slightly more nuanced and sweeter flavor.

The Marble Queen

This is undoubtedly a drink that you probably haven’t heard of before. But after you try it, you’ll never want to let this go out of your arsenal of tequila drink recipes. Even the name of the marble queen evokes imagery of a powerful ice-cold ruler sitting upon a lavish throne. Who doesn’t want that sort of powerful feeling when they’re relaxing with a drink in their hand? If you have a chance and the means to make it, I highly recommend it.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD

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El Gavilan

This is actually a variation of the Paloma into a bit more of a refined and sophisticated drink. It’s a bit more cocktail like a less of a wine spritzer with a bit of a more cocktail like ingredient mix such as bitters rather than soda. However, it still retains that beautiful tart and slightly astringent but also sweet and supple taste that is gentle and refreshing all at the same time.

Baccarat Rouge

If you’re up for a bit more of an adventurous and high profile tasting cocktail, then look no further than the Baccarat Rouge. Calling for luxurious ingredients such as allspice dram, passionfruit, and hibiscus liquor, this drink is certainly not one for the faint of tongue. So if you’re feeling brave enough, I encourage you to try this and add it to your list of tequila drink recipes.


21st Century

Made with both tequila and absinthe, this intriguing and mysterious cocktail is for those who like their cocktails a bit more engaging than most. Though be warned, it can be challenging to get the balance precisely right since you only are supposed to let the absinthe lightly coat the glass before you pour in the rest of the cocktail. Even so, once you get a perfect balance, it’s just the most delectable taste. 

The Mystic Marvel

Made with average and pear juice, this drink is certainly meant for those that are looking for a bit more of a fruit tutti umbrella vibe to their tequila drink recipes. Perfect for a little moment to yourself if you ever want to lounge by the pool and just relax with the sun on your face.

15 Amazing Tequila Drink Recipes To Say SALUD


Something Wicked

When you hear the name “something wicked,” then you know that this is going to be a good cocktail that you’re gonna want to try out. Sporting a greenish hue, much like the famous Wicked witch’s skin fro wizard of oz, this drink is sure to ignite anyone’s mischievous side with the white rum and blue curacao mixed in with your favorite orange juice and some tequila.

Mourning Doves

This maple syrup tasting cocktail is undoubtedly not something you’ll usually find in your average bar. However, don’t let that discourage you from giving it a taste. This cocktail is unbelievably vibrant and tasty, much like a morning pick me up whenever you heard the birds chirping outside your bedroom door in the morning this drink will be sure to put you in a refreshed and energized mood.

Are there any tequila drink recipes that we missed? Comment down below to let us know what your favorite is!