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10 Amazing Sushi Places To Try In Los Angeles

Inside Los Angeles, Japanese-Americans make up 0.9 percent of the city’s population of almost four million people. Sushi, one of the most popular food items from Japanese cuisine, is also very big in the city of Los Angeles as there are a plethora of Japanese restaurants to dine at. Given how close the city is to the Pacific Ocean, Chefs has no more with finding the best quality and freshest seafood to make sushi. 

The next time you are in the mood for some sushi, here are 10 10 Amazing Sushi Places To Try In Los Angeles:

1. Nobu:

Owned and operated by Oscar-winning Actor Robert De Niro and Celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu is an expensive and extremely popular (it has a huge celebrity following) Japanese restaurant with multiple locations around the world. In the city of Los Angeles, there are two locations: one in West Hollywood and one in Malibu.

The Nobu in Malibu is super-packed for brunch, lunch, and dinner not only for its’ high-quality food, but also for its’ spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean! Everything on the menu is delicious, but the items one cannot leave without trying are the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna, the Black Cod with Miso, the Crispy Shitake Salad, and the Lobster Tempura Truffle Amazu.

Regardless of which Nobu in Los Angeles you opt to dine at, make a reservation ASAP as both (especially the one in Malibu) is super crowded all the time!

2. Hamasaku:

Hamasaku is located in West Los Angeles in a strip mall and is next door to a Coffee Bean. Given its location, one might be quick to judge that the food quality of this place will match nothing compared to a sushi restaurant like Nobu (see #1).

Eliminate all judgment whatsoever as you will be prepared to enjoy one of the best sushi places in all of Los Angeles! Hamasaku’s a la carte menu features fresh nigiri and sashimi, in addition to small plates and skewers. All of the food items at Hamasaku will leave you feeling like you enjoying exquisite Japanese cuisine in the actual country of Japan and not in a strip mall on the Westside of Los Angeles.  

3. Sushi Bar:

Although Chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s Omakase Speakeasy is more on the expensive side, it is definitely worth every penny! Sushi Bar is located in Encino, another Los Angeles suburb.

This sushi spot is tucked-in right behind Encino’s Scratch Bar and once you get inside of Sushi Bar, be prepared to enter a 1930s-inspired Japanese style room. It is best to arrive at Sushi Bar on an empty stomach as you will be enjoying some of the freshest nigiri, sushi, and other Japanese delicacies over a 17-course meal!

4. Sushi Note:

This restaurant is located on the famous Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, one of many suburbs in Los Angeles. It is open every day of the week but doe dinner only.

Not only is Sushi Note known for its’ high-quality sushi, but also its incredible wine bar as well! The restaurant’s sommelier will be happy to provide you and your party with all of the wine that you guys need. In terms of food, the Black Cod, Spicy Tuna Biscotti, and the Albacore Tari Tari are among the customer favorites. Sushi Note is also known for its $90 Omakase, where dinners can enjoy miso soup, edamame, the sushi chef’s choice starter and select handroll, and ten-piece custom sushi feature fresh-caught Japanese fish. 

5. Q Sushi:

At Q Sushi, diners will enjoy one of the best Omakase experiences ever as they indulge in Chef Hiroyuki Naruke’s 15+ courses of fresh and high-quality sushi and nigiri. Q Sushi is in Downtown Los Angeles and guests will enjoy a personalized dining experience. 

This sushi place offers lunch seating’s Tuesdays to Fridays from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. and offers dinner seating’s Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Reservations are highly recommended. 

6. Mori Sushi:

When one walks through the doors of this West Los Angeles Sushi Place, they will be able to enjoy a wide range of Omakase experiences from a 16-piece nigiri set to a 20+ course selection of the finest nigiri and sushi. The atmosphere and the décor at Mori Sushi will make diners feel as if they have stepped inside of a modern art gallery.

7. Sugar Fish by Sushi Nozawa:

If you want a unique sushi experience, you have got to go to Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa! There are multiple locations across Los Angeles. For any East Coast residents reading this article, there are _ locations in New York City if you want to try Sugarfish!

At Sugarfish, a person has a choice of ordering one of the restaurant’s three Trust-Me sets (Trust-Me, Trust-Me Light, and the Nozawa Trust-Me). One can also order a la carte from the menu if he or she isn’t in the mood of any of the Trust-Me sets.

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Sugarfish is well-known for serving only the highest quality of traditional sushi. The crab hand rolls are to die for!! The space of each Sugarfish location is small and the restaurant has quite the following in Los Angeles. Be sure to book a reservation ASAP as the place is always packed. 

8. Nozawa Bar:

Located in Beverly Hills, Nozawa Bar is run by Chef Osuamu Fujita, a longtime friend and colleague of Chef Kazunori Nozawa, who owns Sugar Fish by Sushi Nozawa (See #7 above). At Nozawa Bar, diners will enjoy a traditional and one of the best Omakase experiences in Los Angeles from a set menu which changes daily. The menu has multiple courses and offers mostly nigiri sushi, handrolls, and sashimi.

Nozawa Bar is opened for dinner only every day but Sunday. It is important to note that if you plan on trying this place, you have to make a reservation in order to do so. 

9. Matsuhisa:

Although this Sushi Place is on the more expensive side, Matsuhisa is worth its price as diners will enjoy nothing but the best quality of food and nigiri there! Matsuhisa is located in Beverly Hills, which is close to the actual city of Los Angeles. This restaurant has multiple locations across the world, including four in the US (Besides the Los Angeles location, the other three are in Colorado).

Matsuhisa is owned by Celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the same guy who runs Nobu (See #1 above). The renowned chef’s signature dishes at this restaurant have revolutionized the way Americans consume sushi today. At Matsuhisa, one has to order the Yellowtail Jalapeno, the Black Cod with Miso, and the Fish & Chips Matsuhisa Style, to name a few. 

10. Shibuya:

This sushi place is located in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas and in a mini-mall across the street from The Commons at Calabasas. Shibuya is one of the best sushi bars to go to in all of the San Fernando Valley. It is open every day except Monday for lunch and dinner.

The quality of the sushi at Shibuya is nothing but the best. Among the customer favorites of this Calabasas Sushi Bar include the Spicy Tuna Roll, the Spider Roll, and the Baked Crab Roll, to name a few. 

From this list of Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles, which ones do you really want to try? Be sure to let us know which Sushi Places down below in the comments section below!

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