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10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

As Memorial Day seems to be right around the corner, it’s time we start planning what is going to be on the menu for that day. While we may not be having BBQs with our friends and family this year, we can still get creative when it comes to snacks in the house. Whether we are spending Memorial Day by ourselves or with the family or friends we live with, we can definitely put together some snack bowls to eat. Here’s 10 amazing snack bowls you can put together for Memorial Day!

1. Yogurt Bowls

We can always hope for nice weather on Memorial Day, since it really feels like the first day of summer. If you’re spending Memorial Day with the people you live with, creating yogurt bowls can be a fun way to eat a refreshing snack. You can make a yogurt bowl by setting up smaller bowls of toppings like granola, berries, different flavors of yogurt, coconut flakes, etc. and adding a little honey on top. This way the people you live with can create their own nutritious snack bowl that will keep them energized during the day.

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

2. Chex Mix Bowl

It is no doubt that Chex mix is a snack that is perfect for car rides, watching a movie, or eating anywhere. A good idea for Memorial Day snacks is putting together a big bowl of different types of Chex mix bags. This means, mixing savory, salty and cheesy bags of Chex mix into a bowl. It will make for a bunch of flavors to be combined and taste good together (and you will also end up with more pretzels and ingredients that people like the most in Chex mix.) You can also do this with sweeter types of Chex mix to make for a sweet snack while doing any Memorial Day festivities, or keep it simple by just using a couple bags of your favorite type of Chex mix and putting them all together in a big bowl. 
10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

3.  Trail Mix Bowl

It is true, trail mix is not just for hiking. And some people really do enjoy the other ingredients that are in trail mix, other than just the M&Ms. Making a trail mix bowl is a great way to get a mix of salty and sweet when eating a snack. You can find various types of trail mix at Target or your local grocery store. This means if you really love the chocolate chips and nuts mix, instead of dried cranberries in your trail mix – you can make a snack bowl out of a couple bags of a chocolate trail mix. This is an easy way to incorporate other snacks such as nuts and raisins into one bowl for people to snack on.

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

4. Popcorn Snack Bowls

I think we all know that popcorn is a go-to snack for going to the movies, or watching one at your house. It is also a perfect snack for Memorial Day. Depending on what you are doing at your house for Memorial Day, or how many people live with you, you can make popcorn snack bowls using your favorite types of popcorns. If you like to keep it simple and just want to use a couple packs of buttery popcorn, that’s a great crowd favorite. If you are into sweeter flavors, try mixing a bag of kettle corn with caramel corn and regular popcorn into a bowl. Or, if you are a fan of cheesy popcorn, you can make a cheesy popcorn bowl using as much as you want to. Add some seasoning to your popcorn if you want to give it a little spice, or just serve it on its own.

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

5. Tortilla Chips

You can’t really go wrong with serving chips and dip. Salsa, queso, french onion dip – they all make for a delicious add to your bowl of chips. One snack bowl that everyone will love is one full of tortilla chips, served with a few different dips. You can grab a mixture of round tortilla chips, blue corn, quinoa, or what ever you prefer – and mix them all into a bowl together to make for a lot of options when it comes to what tortilla chip to eat along with your artichoke dip.
10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

6. Tomato & Cucumber Bowl

When it’s hot out during Memorial Day, sometimes all we need is a healthy, fresh snack to cool us down. Having a tomato and cucumber salad as a snack bowl can be a great idea. Dice cucumbers and tomatoes (or cut cherry tomatoes in half) and add them to a bowl. Then, if you would like to, add some feta. Mix the bowl together with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Serve with a scooping spoon for your guests or for yourself. Lay out some hummus for guests to add on their plate if they want to, or pita chips to scoop the tomatoes and cucumbers on their plate.

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

7.  Chocolate Candy Bowl

While some people may be reaching for the chips and dip, others may want something sweet. Having a bowl full of mini candies can be the perfect way to make a snack bowl look and taste as good as a candy bar. Add some mini peanut butter cups, M&Ms, and little pieces of Kit Kats or what ever candy bar you like and shake it up in a bowl!

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8. Soft Pretzel Bites

Just like you would eat at a sports game, soft pretzels are good anywhere – especially at a party. If you have time to make homemade soft pretzels and cut them up into bite size pieces, then this will be a favorite at your house for Memorial Day. Or if you can find soft pretzels already made, you can serve them with beer cheese or mustard to make it feel like you are ordering an appetizer at a restaurant. 

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

9. Fruit Bowl

We see fruit like cantaloupe, mango, and watermelon served with breakfast food or at lunch. But, we can also make our own fruit bowls for Memorial Day. Using melons, berries, pineapple, mango, and apples (or what ever fruit you think tastes good together) you can create a colorful, refreshing, sweet and healthy snack bowl for Memorial Day. 10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

10. Dipped Pretzels Bowl

When having a party for any occasion, it is good to have a mix of sweet and salty snacks that guests will love. Pretzels dipped in chocolate or yogurt somehow just make them taste way better. One way to make a great snack bowl is mixing together chocolate covered pretzels or yogurt covered pretzels into a bowl. You can mix dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate pretzels together or even try yogurt covered pretzels. If you can find festive dipped pretzels with sprinkles on them or want to try making them on your own, that will make them look even more decorative and delicious.

10 Amazing Snack Bowls You Can Put Together For Memorial Day

What are your favorite snack bowls to eat? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!
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