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5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

To have sex, fornicate, in the words of the Jersey Shore cast to “Smush”, there are varying ways to say having sex. However, you prefer to say it most people’s sex life needs spicing up, let’s not lie here. This can be done with a few sex tips. Especially, in a time like this when there is nothing else to do. So, let’s get down and dirty, not in that sense though, and discuss what can be done to bring a little pizzazz into your sex life with these sex tips.  

1. Do not be afraid to tell your partner what you want. 

This is the number one sex tip! Many  of people are scared to tell their partners about what they want in bed, and there is nothing wrong while it is perfectly normal to feel this way. It is important to understand that the more transparent you are with your partner; the more enjoyable sex will be. This is common sense. Sex should be with someone who you are comfortable with.

Do not be afraid to branch out of the “vanilla” category. Who knows maybe your partner will enjoy it as well. Do not be afraid to try something like watching porn with your significant other or even going to a sex shop together. It may uncomfortable at first, but well worth it in the end. Being honest with your partner about what you want in bed will bring so much more satisfaction to the relationship, or friends with benefits. If that is your status, that is perfectly acceptable as well.

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

2. Use sex toys

Now let’s talk sex toys. Sex toys are a glorious thing. There are a range of sex toys. Even ones for beginners. The most basic sex toy is a vibrator. Vibrators make sex one thousand times better. This can make sex way more enjoyable for the girl. A girl is much more likely to orgasm when using a vibrator, and that is just the fact of the matter. If you are nervous about using a vibrator for the first time, there are several designed for beginners. There are many small and discrete vibrators, that are shaped like a bullet. These are good for clitoral stimulation.

There are wide range of other sex toys to test out. Some include male sex toys, handcuffs and cock rings. Anything one could possibly think of, there is most likely a sex toy for it. Amazon is great for stuff like this. Amazon truly does have everything imaginable. Hypothetically, if someone needed a dildo instantly, Amazon prime would have it there in two days at the most. Overall, the main takeaway should be trying a sex toy can never hurt, and usually both parties end up benefitting from the use.

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

3. Always Use Lube 

Lube is a must. A ton of people say they do not need lube in bed to have a good time, but apparently, they have never tried lube before then. Lube is life changing. The first time many people try lube, they wonder why the heck they have never tried it before. There is a negative stereotype around lube, and the use of it. Many people think lube is strange. For many women, they may believe that lube should only be used when they cannot get turned on enough. This is not the case. Lube makes sex way more enjoyable for both partners. The stereotype surrounding lube is misleading to say the least.

Lube can spice sex up in a variety of other ways as well. Flavored lubes are always a good thing to try. These can be used to enhance oral sex, and make it taste better. Flavored lube is typically edible. Many flavored lubricants are approved by the FDA, meaning that it is okay to swallow.  Another fun fact about flavored lubricant, is that it masks unwanted potential smells in the bedroom. There are many upsides to using lube, only a few are listed in this article.

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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4. Draw Positions Out Of A Hat 

Everyone has that go to position during sex, whether that may be missionary or any other position, but everyone has that one they enjoy the most. As mentioned earlier in the article, branching out during sex is important, and keeps interesting. One way to increase adventure in the bedroom is to write different positions on folded pieces of paper, and draw them out of the hat. Whatever positon is picked out of the hat, is the one to try. The best way to come up with different sexual positions is to google. Google has some outrageous suggestions, but that is for you are your significant other to decide. Once done testing out the position, that option goes in the trash. This way you are forced to continue to try new positons in the bedroom. This is a good way to get creative, and make a little game out of it. This would be a great rainy day activity, or even a good joke gift for a bachelorette party.

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5. Get Creative With Household Items

There is a whole slew of items that are considered typical household items, that could be used to enhance sex, particularly in the kitchen. Ice is super common. Grab a piece of ice and test it out on your partner. Try rubbing it over sensual areas of the body. The best areas to try would obviously be private parts, but also include the neck, behind the earlobe, feet, and inner thigh. Another idea would be to suck on an ice cube before having oral sex.

Other household items could include any condiment. Tons of people use whip cream and chocolate sauce. Place it anywhere on your partner’s body, then lick it up in a sexual manner. This is a winning situation for both parties. The significant other gets pleasure, while you get the taste of whatever condiment you prefer. Besides condiments, other items around the house that can be used in bed would include rope, a tie, candle wax, and an anything that vibrates.

5 Amazing Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

These are just a few tips that hopefully bring back the heat in your sex life! During quarantine why not try them all if you are quarantined with your partner. Just be smart and safe when attempting any idea in the article. Keep calm and smush on!