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10 Amazing Self-Tanned Products To Look Golden AF

10 Amazing Self-Tanned Products To Look Golden AF

When it comes to self-tanned products, there are quite a lot on the market. You definitely need to know which products will make you golden AF and which products will leave you looking orange AF. 

1)Coconut & Coffee Tanning Foam

This is a highly recommended and rated self-tanned product because it captures a fantastic dark glow. This product is great because it also acts as a moisturizer while also darkening your skin. It’s a fan favorite because it darkens your skin while also hydrating it! There also is no self-tanned product smell. The only smell is the beach and hydrating coconut. This tanning foam is also notorious for not making your skin the fake-tanned orange. Overall, this is one of the best self-tanned products you could get for also an affordable price! 


2)The Fox Tan

The Fox Tan is a self-tanned product that capitalizes on the sun that you are tanning in. In other words, this spray mist enhances your color and darkens your skin shades with little sun needed. You may also you this product if you use a tanning bed, though natural tanning is recommended. This mist adds a needed glint to your skin exposing your skin to darker shades. 

3)Bali Body

The Bali Body self-tanner mousse is the self-tanned product that can get your skin look flawlessly darker. This is a highly recommended self-tanner and there are some many reasons why. One is that it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft right after using it because it quickly drys. Also, it applies a natural darker tone to your skin. It also does not have that self-tanned smell after applying it. After a few weeks of use, this self-tanned product will leave you looking like you just came back from a vacation on the islands!


4)Bodïtan Mousse

This self-tan product is simply magical. After you apply the mousse, it will continue to develop for 8 hours leaving your skin darker. This product really focuses on texture and comes with an application glove to really make an even tan on your skin. It is raged about in the self-tanning world and is definitely worth your try. It feels very light and refreshing when it’s on the skin. The scent is also described as a sweet summer scent giving off those summer vibes to match your tan.  


5) Jergens Natural Glow

The Jergens line of self-tanned products is the all-time classic when it comes to sun-less tanning methods. This is a moisturizing self-tanning mousse that is famous for darkening your skin and keeping that glow. If you are new to self-tanning, give this a go because it is a great start to naturally darkening your skin. If you apply it to your skin evenly, you will surely see a difference with in hours after application and certainly within weeks of constant use. It also has a light and pleasant scent. So if summer is months away, try this to give your skin a natural glow!

6)Sublime Bronze by L’Oréal 

This is a self-tanned product mixed with a moisturizing product giving us one of the best self-tanned products out there. This truly will leave you looking golden AF while also keeping your skin moisturized AF. This product is best used over time creating a strong bronze base that is slow to fade. This works well when you apply it to your skin right after a shower. After you let it dry, the color will soon develop giving you skin a nice natural tan. This is obviously a favorite product in the tanning world so it is highly recommended. 


7) Vita Liberata

One of the best alternatives to sun-tanning is using Vita Liberata self-tanned product. It is a self-tanning mousse that is also nourishing for the skin. In a way, it takes self-tanning to the next level because  tans your skin a very natural dark color that lasts for weeks! This is a great product with long-last value, so you really can not go wrong. What also is unique about this product is that it is odorless. Instead of those unnatural scents that other self-tanners can smell like, this mousse smells like nothing at all! How much more natural can you get?

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8)Cacao Tanning Mousse

This is one of the most quality self-tanned products that you could buy. It has won a basket full of rewards including rewards for being such a quality product that is also eco friendly. This is a HIGHLY recommended choice of self-tanner because it is free from GMOs, synthetic dyes, and artificial fragrances. This is a great alternative to sun-tanning because it look phenomenal on your skin, and it is eco-friendly. It also is known to have one of the most natural colors after product use!


9) Jergens Instant Sun 

Just like the name of the products says, this self-tanned product truly provides your skin with instant feeling of sitting in the sun. Your body will instantly begin to darken to a naturally tanned color. This is known for working with your natural skin tone to mimic the natural tan from the sun. The mousse is also incredibly moisturizing and has an incredible beach smell. What makes this product even more amazing is that it dries in less than a minute leaving you the option for a quick and effective application. 

10) Loving Tan

This is one of the quickest self-tanned products out there. Within minutes, your skin will start to look darker for the immediate tanned look. This is great if you are in a bind and realize that you had a picture day and you’re extremely pale. This will give your skin a quick tanned look that you need to look your very best. With the quick tan, this tan also washes off more easily and is not as long-lasting compared to other self-tanned products. It is recommended that you use this when you immediatly need a tanned look! 


Which is your go-to self-tanned product? Let us know in the comments!

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