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10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois

10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois

Are you looking for great restaurants to visit in Illinois? Or do you want to find someplace new to eat? Well, look no further! From steak to pizza, this list of restaurants in Illinois will get you hungry for more!

1. Giordano’s

One of the best pizza places in Illinois, Giordano’s has a great selection of pizza to choose from. Their most famous pizza is the deep dish, and most guests go to this pizza place just for that pizza. It does take a while to make the deep-dish pizza, but it is definitely worth the wait!

A word of caution, Giordano’s does get very busy during the lunch and dinner rush, especially on the weekends. They do, however, take reservations so you can reserve a table without having to worry about seating. There are many different Giordano’s to choose from in Illinois, but most are settled in the Chicagoland area.

10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois


2. Portillos

Portillos is an amazing stop, especially if you love roaring 20s. When walking up to the restaurant, 20s music can be heard on the outside and, once inside, you are transformed by seeing 20s décor all around.

They have a wide range of food, from burgers to hot dogs to Italian beef. They do have a drive-through, but it is always busy, especially during the lunch and dinner rush. If you do plan to visit, try to get there before or after the rush. Since it is a fast-food restaurant, they do not take reservations.

If you decide to dine in and wait for your food, you might have an employee call out your order in rhyme: “Twenty-nine, you’re ready to dine! Twenty-nine!” “Fifty-two, I’m calling for you! Fifty-two!” It is a unique restaurant that you need to experience. Most of the restaurants are located in the Chicagoland area.

3. Culvers

Do you love burgers and ice cream? Culvers is the place to be! Many restaurants are scattered in the state from Central Illinois to Northern Illinois. But each restaurant still sells the delicious food and wonderful ice cream, that they call Custards!


The menu mostly consists of ButterBurgers, where their buns are buttered and then toasted. But to those who aren’t fans of burgers, do not fear! They have hot dogs and chicken as well as salads to choose from. This place does not get as busy as other restaurants on this list, but the drive-through does get busy during the lunch and dinner rush.

4. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is an upscale restaurant and, as in the name, has an extensive list of wine. This place is perfect for couples or families, as the restaurant does a kids’ menu for little ones. Their main menu has a selection of options from seafood to pork.

Each item on the menu has a wine that will complement the meal. Even the dessert menu has a wine that will compliment it! And speaking of desserts, they have great choices! One of their options is Chocolates and Wine. If guests choose this one, they will get a selection of chocolates and truffles from their bakery paired with a flight of three sweet wines. 

Most of the restaurants are located in the Northern Illinois area, with a few in Central Illinois. If you’re planning to make a visit, it is highly advised to make a reservation. There is a wait time so to enjoy your experience, a reservation might be best, especially if you’re bringing a large party.


10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois

5. Bohemian Crystal

Located in Westmont, the Bohemian Crystal is a family-style restaurant. It has a very cozy feel when walking in, almost like guests are visiting someone’s home. The restaurant consists of three decorated rooms. The main dining room, a banquet room with is used for private parties, and a small country room for small parties or company meetings.

The food is a selection of bohemian cuisine. When ordering your food, you choose from soup or salad, then choose a side, another side, and after your meal is finished, you get a choice of dessert. Yes, dessert comes with your meal! The portions are huge, meant to fill you up, but there is a kids’ menu for any little ones you have in your party.

They are closed on Mondays but are open the rest of the week, even Sunday. They do take reservations, but it must be a party of 5 or more. On the weekends, they change their reservation requirements, only accepting private parties of 30 or more. 


6. Weber Grill Restaurant & Academy

Specialized in grilling, the Weber Grill Restaurant has everything to offer on a grill, especially cooking classes. Yes, the restaurant offers cooking classes to give tips on grilling to anyone who wants to learn. There are three locations for the restaurant and that is in Chicago, Lombard, and Schaumburg.

Their menu is different, depending on which restaurant you go to, but all offer delicious grilled options from burgers to chicken to ribs. They have a kids’ menu as well as menus for happy hour. They offer private parties and also take reservations, but if you have a party of 8 or more, the restaurant asks for you to give them a call.

10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois

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7. Lotawata Creek

Located in Flairview Heights, Lotawata Creek offers a selection of southern cuisine. Their menu consists of steaks, burgers, chicken, seafood, and other delicious items to choose from. Their portions on huge, but there is a kids’ menu. There are daily specials throughout the week and drink specials on the weekends.

They do have peak periods during the week but unfortunately, they do not take reservations. However, you can call ahead to see how long the wait is. They do take large groups but for parties twelve and over, they request to call ahead.

8. RARE Chop House

The RARE Chop House is an industrial-chic bar/eatery. They are located in Mt. Vermont, off the corner of Broadway Street and South 10th street. It is a bit on the pricy side, but they offer great food and an extensive wine list. It is upscale, perfect for a romantic night out or a party with friends. There is no kids’ menu so this might not be the place to take little ones.

The Chop House is known for their steaks, but they have other options available. They recommend reservations, especially for dinner. They are closed Sunday and Monday, and on Saturdays, they are only opened for the dinner service.


10 Amazing Restaurants To Taste While In Illinois

9. The Capital Grille

This upscale restaurant located in the Chicagoland area offers high-end food. This place is great for date night or if you just want a quiet evening with family. They have a private dining option for those with large parties. Their main choice of food is steak, but they offer other upscale options to choose from.

The restaurant does get busy, and reservations are strongly recommended but not required. However, the restaurant urges their guests to make a reservation so there is no disappointment if there is a long wait time. The Capital Grille is not a place for casual attire, but more of a place if you want to dress to the nines!

10. Corleone’s Italian

Corleone’s is a quaint Italian restaurant in Morris, located across from the courthouse. It is a very casual environment, offering everything Italian: pasta, pizza, lasagna, ravioli, Italian beef, and a variety of different options. Guests can decide to eat their food at the restaurant or take it to go.


Some meals come with extras. If you order anything from the pasta menu, it comes with homemade bread, butter, and a cheese shaker to put as much cheese onto your food. It is a cozy little restaurant with a comforting atmosphere. This is the place to go to get that little piece of Italian cuisine!

Which of these amazing restaurants in Illinois made your stomach growl? Will you try one of the restaurants on your next visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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