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20 Amazing Restaurants Near Southern Methodist University

20 Amazing Restaurants Near Southern Methodist University

Before you graduate from SMU, you have to make sure you hit up these 20 delicious restaurants near Southern Methodist University!

We all know Dallas is a foodie hot spot. Before you graduate, you have to make sure you hit up these 20 delicious restaurants near Southern Methodist University!

1. Milk and Cream

Warm donuts filled with fresh ice cream. Need I say more?


2. Velvet Taco

Everyone knows Velvet is the perfect place for a late night taco after Avenu. But they are so much more than just a taco joint; get the tots, and your whole world will be turned upside down.

3. Twisted Root Burger Co.


While Twisted Root has some great burgers, the real winners here are the shakes. Trust me on this.

4. Cedar Grove

Two words: frozen rosé.


5. Breadwinners

I’m sorry, do you see those chicken and waffles? Pure bliss.

6. The Rustic


If you’ve never been to brunch at The Rustic, did you even go to SMU? With a fixed menu, brunch is efficient AND delicious. The french toast is ~out of this world~

7. Torchy’s Tacos

Ah, the debate of Velvet versus Torchy’s. Pick your side.


8. Dive Coastal Cuisine

Dive has a delicious array of fresh seafood options, all served with deliciously seasoned plantain chips. The seared ahi tuna wrap? Absolutely to die for.

9. East Hampton Sandwich Co.


Finals got you down? Take a quick trip over to East Hampton in Snider Plaza for a lobster grilled cheese. Instantly feel the stress melt away in the cheesy, buttery deliciousness.

10. Banditos Tex-Mex

No one really knows what makes Banditos so magical. It just is. Pro-tip: befriend the waiters.


11. Olivella’s

Inexpensive and close to campus, this pizza will also change your life. The real star of the show, however, is their buttery garlic focaccia appetizer. You may want to order two.

12. Pho Crimson


An unassuming spot in Uptown, this Pho is dirt cheap yet somehow incredibly delicious. Next time you inevitably catch the plague on dorm, Pho Crimson is an instant cure all. Remember to order the bubble tea!

13. True Foods Kitchen

Can True Foods do anything wrong? I’m partial to the lettuce wraps, but have yet to eat a sub-par meal. Go for brunch, lunch, or dinner.


14. Snappy Salads

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Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Salads? This is the perfect place to go next time your friend insists that she’s no longer eating carbs. The salads are made in front of you, and are as good as a salad can get. I think, however, that the warm bread steals the show.


15. Toulouse

A great brunch spot in Knox-Henderson. Incredible beignets, and bacon that my dad hasn’t stopped talking about since parents weekend. One of the best restaurants near Southern Methodist University to take your family to!

16. Sprinkles Cupcakes

Cupcake. ATM.


17. Bluefish

Great staple for sushi. Also on Postmates for all of your spicy tuna roll needs.

18. Pōk the Raw Bar


Just opening this year, Pōk is the new kid on the block, but doesn’t disappoint. Opened by two of SMU’s very own (pony up), the poke is super fresh and the flavors are balanced. The matcha drinks are equally impressive–and perfect for Instagram.

19. Knife

Located in the Highland, this is Dallas’ premiere steakhouse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious, but unless you’re prepared to be out of money for the next three months, only go when your parents are here, checkbook in tow.


20. Henry’s Majestic

SMU students love their brunch, so it’s only fitting that the last restaurant on this list is a Dallas brunch favorite. Make a reservation in advance, or else you’ll probably end up eating brunch tacos on Velvet’s patio instead.

What are some of your favorite restaurants near Southern Methodist University?
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