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10 Amazing Restaurants In Queens You Need To Try

10 Amazing Restaurants In Queens You Need To Try

New York City is home to many restaurants and bars, but NYC is composed of five boroughs, all of which offer something unique. For now, let’s focus on Queens, NY and some of the best restaurants in Queens.

The first thing that probably comes to mind when we think of NYC is probably just Manhattan. Where the entertainment thrives, and tourists flood the streets in amazement (and are probably a little shook too) of all the weird and crazy things that they’ve seen (a real New Yorker will not be shook, that’s how you know who to ask for directions #LOL). However, NYC is composed of five boroughs, all offering something unique. But for now, let’s focus on Queens, NY and some of the best restaurants in Queens.

1. Blend on the Water

Have you ever dreamed of a place where you can have the options to the best dishes throughout Latin America and not be limited to just one, well then blend is the place for you! This restaurant is a fusion of all the best food from your favorite Latin countries, giving you a taste of each distinctive flavor & style (can I get an amen!). But besides that, this eatery is beautifully located right on the water, giving you stunning views of the Manhattan skyline (best to go at night for this). Just be sure to make reservations in advance, especially on the weekend! There’s a great variety of ethnic restaurants in Queens.

2. Tacuba Cantina Mexicana

This restaurant is a mixture of authentic Mexican cuisine; known for its fresh guacamole made right in front of you (that’s right no brown yucky looking guac!) and their day of the dead cultural theme. Boasting with nine different options for tacos, from your regular chicken styled taco to your Oaxacan grasshopper taco, for the more daring. This vibrant spot is great for any occasion from dates, celebrations or just your regular chill kind of day. Plus, with or without reservations the wait here is usually minimal due to their exemplary services.

3. Pio Pio 2

Their family size plates along with their competing prices make this a top spot for one of the best Peruvian restaurants in New York City. Well-known for their rotisserie chicken and their famous green sauce that goes with just about anything (seriously what’s in that sauce, I must know!). Their signature flavorful chicken is the result of a 12-hour marinating process that will leave you licking your fingers for more (try El Matador combo, you’ll thank me later!). You can’t miss this enormous two-level glass door restaurant with vibrant yellow walls. This place is perfect for families or a party of 4 or more due to their large serving size. Oh and no worries, this restaurant will never make you wait regardless of how busy they are.

4. California Pizza Kitchen

Forget about all those other generic well-known pizza brands and get a taste of the real deal! This pizza joint has one of the best authentic hand tossed pizza’s out there (your taste buds will thank you). They have a variety of pizza styles so your options here are unlimited. They also add seasonal items to the menu, hand-shaken cocktails, and top-quality wines & beers. One of my favorite appetizers here are the avocado rolls, they are so good and popular that sometimes they run out of them (total bummer!). This restaurant is perfect for families or casual dates; the wait here is usually minimal.

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5. Bamboo Ya

Any sushi lovers? This trendy restaurant offers Japanese cuisine, as well as traditional Chinese entrees. Their sushi is known to be the freshest in the area and is made right in front of you. It also features Zashiki style seating, which is a traditional Japanese seating arrangement that is low to the floor and requires your shoes to be taken off (make sure those toes are pretty if you choose to sit here!). This restaurant is perfect for anyone and any occasion, usually, there is no waiting time here.

6. Penthouse 808

Sitting on top of hotel Ravel lies this 9,500 square foot roof deck that’s both a restaurant and lounge. A Hawaiian and Asian dinner menu featuring a notable chef, Seth Levine (whom may I add appeared in Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 #starpower) who serves as the executive chef for the restaurant. Stunning views and some tasty food before you get lit with your friends, the perfect combo for a fun night out! This place is perfect for dates and or a girls/guy’s night out.

7. Flo Lounge

This restaurant just opened back up this week with a fresh look (talk about fresh to death), just in time for the warm weather. This eatery features an all-American cuisine mixed with some Mediterranean & Asian dishes. This place is perfect for dates, it has outdoor seating, a live DJ, and can be used to host a private event. Reservations are best for busy days like the weekends. You should make sure to visit at least one of these restaurants in Queens if you ever find yourself in the area.

8. Blend LIC

I know what you’re thinking…didn’t she already mentioned a Blend restaurant. Yes, I did, think of this restaurant as Blends on the Water little brother or sister. The same idea with the fusion of Latin American dishes presented on the menu, however, they do offer different dishes here (Latin America is pretty huge, 33 countries, they couldn’t squeeze all that flavor in one menu). The food here is amazing, this restaurant is just a little bit more intimate and smaller. Perfect for a casual night out, to have a dinner celebration and more. Reservations here are best if you’re looking to go out on the weekend! Restaurants in Queens are perfect for both quick bites and large gatherings!

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9. The DinerBar

Not your regular diner, this modern and stylish look will have you feeling like you’re at an upscale restaurant. This place offers American and Italian cuisine along with their signature homemade comfort meals (Yum). They also have a cozy bar if you’re looking to have a classic cocktail or something bolder. This is a great spot to start your day off with your friends or to end the night (You choose!). For a large group, it’s best to make reservations ahead of time.

10. Telly’s Taverna

Who doesn’t love a good Greek food spot! (Tzatziki sauce on everything, please.) This nice casual spot not only serves the best Greek food on the block but also some of the best Mediterranean dishes. This laid-back spot is perfect for a casual outing with its beautiful back garden and open dining area.  Reservations aren’t a must at this spot, you usually be seated right away! There are restaurants in Queens for every taste bud!

What do you think of these restaurants in Queens? Let us know in the comments below!
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