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10 Amazing Re-Useable Coffee Cups

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we can all invest in these adorable re-usable coffee cups to take our hot lattes or iced matcha teas on the go with us. With the recent bans against plastic straws, as companies such as Starbucks and La Colombe made a shift towards strawless cups you can make a difference too by adding an adorable re-usable cup to your cupboard. Check out the best mugs to take for your morning commute below. 

1. Hydroflask

Hydroflask makes some of the best large re-useable-cups that are perfect for water and storing smoothies, and it’s about time that they have rolled out perfect to-go and re-useable coffee cups.

We love the design that keeps a traditional coffee mug handle for a better grip on the subway and the variety of colors it comes in as well.

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2. Otterbox

From the company that gave you the ultimate resistance phone cases comes the same quality and design that we need in re-useable to-go coffee cups. Opt for a sleek stainless steel design or pick from a bright blue and white color scheme.

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3. Yeti

The company that brought us the beloved beach coolers that keep our drinks consistently cool now graces us with a tiny re0useable coffee cup model that’s perfect for storing your iced drinks in the summer. 

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4. Porter Ceramic Mug

Probably one of the cutest re-usable coffee cups on this list, the Porter reusable ceramic coffee mug comes in a variety of adorable pastel colors and is a more aesthetically pleasing option to brighten up your day. You can shop this cute mug at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, or the massive internet retailer Amazon. 

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5. Joco

This perfect glass container by Joco, an Australian label, which created equally fun and re-usable coffee cups that you can bring to fill up at your local Starbucks or quaint coffee bar. You can also feel good about supporting a brand that creates products which are all plastic-free. 

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6. S’well

The classic and cool re-usable water bottle that was popularized through Starbucks now comes in a new design that’s just that much cooler for your coffee and teas.  You can still buy exclusives from Starbucks or you can opt for this cooler model that’s essentially slim thick. 

The Moonstone Traveler mug is perfect for refilling throughout your day at work or on a trip to the beach or a hike with friends. It also comes in a variety of cool colors and designs, even featuring ones that look like real wood. This is a better bottle than your normal re-useable coffee cups because it can also be used for soup, smoothies, and more.

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7. Cork Cup

This adorable re-usable glass coffee container has a strip of cork around its waist that make the practical and convenient design all the more appealing. It’s sold through Anthropologie which also ups its cool factor amongst all the and comes in three colors. 

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8. Cork Bottom Travel Tumblr

As the most economical re-usable coffee mug on the list, this chic tumblr is perfect for the die-hard minimalists who want to save the Earth and save the money in their pockets. 

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9. Soma

Soma is an innovative company that has recently won the 2018 Design Lab Vessels Award for its design and boasts a leak-proof bamboo lid and double-wall insulation that will keep your liquids hot or cold on the go all day long. This is the re-usable coffee cup that should be next on your list to keep your cold brew at the optimal temperature all day long.

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10. MiiR

Another sleek looking minimal container, MiiR delivers its cool re-usable cup concept in a variety of three colors that are more functional than most. It has been ranked as a favorite amongst those at New York Magazine and Bon Appetit magazine as well. 

Get it here:

Which of these re-useable coffee cups is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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