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Amazing Pumpkin Patches You Have To Visit

Amazing Pumpkin Patches You Have To Visit

With the hot sense of summer slowly fading away, and the cool breeze of fall coming at us fast, it is around this time that you start making plans for the new season. With fall comes Halloween, and with Halloween undoubtedly comes pumpkins. With so many pumpkin patches to potentially choose from, here are some of the best farms around Ontario that you have to visit when picking pumpkins this fall!

Brooks Farms

Brooks Farms during fall offers such a pleasurable experience, it’s almost impossible to not love it. They host their Fall Fun Festival throughout the season, reminding you that pumpkin picking can, in fact, be an exciting thing to do.

There are farm-wide pig races, pumpkin cannons hows, zip lines, pony rides, and so much more to go with your pumpkin picking. No matter which part of the farm you are, there is always something to do. There is amazing food available at the event as well, as they serve homemade pastries (donuts, pies, etc), food trucks, and American/Canadian dishes.

The events held are for all ages, so coming here provides the ideal pumpkin picking experience any individual, group, or family could ask for.

Amazing Pumpkin Patches In Ontario You Have To Visit This Fall

Dyment’s Pumpkin Patch

This pumpkin patch is located on a home owned farm and run by the lovely owners. You begin by hopping on a wagon, having the time to enjoy the scenery, before arriving at the pumpkin patch deep into the farm. Along with a delicious pumpkin lineup available to be picked, Dyment’s offers full-day activities for the whole family.

There are farm animals that can be petted, a large and intriguing corn maze, and mini-golf! If you want a more relaxing time at the farm, they have a theater where you can go watch a movie all about a talking pumpkin!

For the little ones, there is a barnyard play area where they can ride tractors, go on slides, and swing on the horse tires! The day will fly by so quickly you will forget what time it is. All of this combined makes visiting Dyment’s Pumpkin Patch such a wonderful experience! 

Amazing Pumpkin Patches In Ontario You Have To Visit This Fall

Springridge Farm

This local farm in Milton is another excellent spot to pick the perfect pumpkin for your holiday. It is especially known for their vast variety of pumpkins available to pick, so you will leave with the perfect one! Similar to the other farms listed above, Springridge has many other things you can do to make your time picking pumpkins more enjoyable.

What set Springridge apart are the excellently done puppet shows, their scary themed “Boo Barn”, and their interactive Singing Chicken Show. You can also ride ponies, go on slides, and if you’re adventurous, try the famous spider web climber! Your experience at Springridge will be filled with fun, excitement, tasty pumpkins, and one you’ll never forget. 

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Amazing Pumpkin Patches In Ontario You Have To Visit This Fall

Albion Orchards

This is a smaller farm located in Caledon. While it may not be as exciting as the other pumpkin patches mentioned above, Albion brings its own special pieces to the table. The farm doubles as a country market as well, in case you prefer to select already picked pumpkins.

They hold a big harvest party signifying it’s time to start picking those pumpkins every October. They help you find the perfect pumpkin that may be hidden in the hundreds of guilds on the farm. 

Those at the farm go above and beyond to provide potential pumpkin recipes, including how to make pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie, and many others. They believe in paying it forward and ask those who visit the patch to teach others those same recipes they were taught on the farm.

 Amazing Pumpkin Patches In Ontario You Have To Visit This Fall

So, those are the pumpkin patches in Ontario we feel are a must-visit this upcoming fall. Tell us which is your favorite, and let us know in the comments if you have any pumpkin patches in mind that did not make our list!

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