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10 Amazing Places To Eat In Santa Monica, CA

California is a place full of so much diversity, which in turn brings a myriad of foods to the state as well. Santa Monica is no exception; however, this city has a specialty for delicious food that is also healthy! Here are 10 mouthwatering places to eat in Santa Monica, CA if you travel here.

1. The OP Cafe

Everyone loves a good community breakfast cafe and The OP Cafe is just that. This intimate cafe provides delicious, fresh food for breakfast and lunch. The OP Cafe is a family owned establishment that is warm and inviting with its friendly atmosphere as well as its lovely outside seating in the back. The vintage bungalow-sized café and secluded patio is beloved by locals and loyalists for its relaxed beach-town charm, friendly service, and even friendlier prices. This is one of the nicest places to eat in Santa Monica. 

2. Swingers

Swingin’ since 1993! Swingers is a Los Angeles based breakfast, lunch and dinner diner that has an artsy and old timey feel. With a jukebox in the front and colorful walls painted with pink cows, there is a ton elements to look at as you enjoy a delicious meal. Be sure to try one of their yummy cupcakes when you’re there.

3. Flower Child

Healthy hippies and gluten free mac n’ cheese. This restaurant provides “healthy food for a happy world” and it stays true to its phrase. All of the ingredients for their food come from local farmers and they are dedicated to making sure all of their food is fresh and full of flavor. So, if you feel like wearing a flower crown and going vegan, this is the best restaurant for you.

4. Hole in the Wall Burger Joint

Big, delicious, juicy burgers is this joints specialty. No antibiotics, no added hormones, no growth promoting drugs, no artificial ingredients, and humane animal handling practices makes this restaurant have the best burgers in town. The staff are amazing and love to get to know their regulars. They also cater to vegetarians with their veggie burgers. Local art is displayed on the wall and it is a great place for families to come and enjoy a meal.

5. Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

This deli has amazing and inexpensive sandwiches that will definitely keep you coming back. Just the bread alone is so tasty that people just buy loaves of bread to eat. It’s the perfect place to get lunch with friends or pick up food for a beautiful picnic in the park.

6. Bruxie

Chicken and waffles has ever looked so tasty! Started as a patio stand in 2010, Bruxie has expanded to a few more locations around California. The Santa Monica Bruxie is located on Third Street Promenade and makes the most delicious waffles and fries you will ever taste. You can get sweet or savory waffles making this restaurant a perfect choice for breakfast of lunch on your list of places to eat in Santa Monica.

7. Sunny Blue

What’s omusubi? Get a taste at Sunny Blue and you will not regret is. Omusubi (also called Onigiri) are Japanese rice balls with different fillings inside, wrapped with or without nori. Sunny Blue makes omusubi fresh every day and is the first omusubi restaurant in Southern California. Try something new and stop by Sunny Blue.

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8. DK’s Donuts & Bakery

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? DK’s is a beloved doughnut shop that originated in Los Angeles and continues to be the only DK’s in the world. A family-owned, single unit establishment, this doughnut shop has been in Los Angeles since 1980. They specialize in very unique and themed doughnuts like pokeball doughnuts, galaxy doughnuts, maple bacon doughnuts and girl scout doughnuts. Come into this unique shop and customize your own doughnut!

9. Samosa House

Samosa House has the best Indian cuisine in all of Los Angeles. It’s healthy too! Serving Gourmet Indian Vegetarian and Vegan food at non-gourmet prices, this is the best restaurant to come to for a wonderful cultural experience with amazing food from across the globe.

10. The Hive

Santa Monican’s love their juice bars. The Hive is a cafe and superfood bar that specializes in nutrition packed smoothies and juices. Also serving acai bowls this place is dedicated to healthy living and getting the most nutrients out of your food. All of their ingredients are organic and never diluted in order to absorb the most nutrients into your body and soul.

What are some other places to eat in Santa Monica, CA? Share in the comments below!
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