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10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s food game is one to be reckoned with. In the nooks and crannies of the city, you’ll find a magic lot of food establishments. The best part is that the city has its own second-person plural pronoun: yinz, yunz, youns, you’uns, etc. This gem is Scots-Irish and short for “you ones,” like back when they said young’ins. In my opinion, yunz is the way to go, because that’s what I grew up with. But yunz foodies need to get on down to this hub of deliciousness.

Kaibur Coffee & Cafe

“Located in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh…Kaibur Coffee & Cafe serves specialty coffee from Elixr, Vegan and Vegetarian food, and Vegan pastries made in house” (Kaibur Coffee).

Located at 3138 Dobson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

S&D Polish Deli

This store is located in the Strip District. Their website states that they “take pride in offering the best quality Polish meats, smoked, kilebasy, bacons, kiszka, liver sausage, headcheeses, fresh sausage, hams, krakowska, zywiecka, and more.” This deli imports food, so you’ll get the authentic Strip District experience.

Located at 2204 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Pamela’s Diner

Their breakfasts are absolutely delicious. It’s a just-cash joint that’s only open during breakfast hours. There’s a reason everyone raves about this place. It’s because their food is something you’d be served while you’re waiting for a heaven table in the purgatory seating area.

Former President Obama has eaten here. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Obama said, “[b]efore I answer this question, these really were maybe the best pancakes I’ve tasted in a very long time. Get some take-out…[y]ou don’t even need syrup on them. They’ve got [these] crispy edges. Yea, they are really good.”

Robert Wholey & Co. Inc.

Wikipedia states that they are “a prominent fish market and grocery store in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District neighborhood…The Strip District warehouse features a ‘signature fish-shaped sign.'”


Stop in and get one of their famous fish sandwiches. Cod is objectively the best fish sandwich, which no one should bother to dispute.

They have smoked fish. A side note that no one asked for: seventy-two stuffed snails come in at $60.

Located at 1711 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Primanti Brothers

The story from their website says, during the great depression, a man set up a sandwich cart at the Strip District. Oddly enough, it says he retired in the 1940s and that it was family-run. Standing at a sandwich cart for 12 hours a day probably did a number on his knees.

Sometimes, it feels like this place gets a lot of hype. Hype that isn’t merited. Often, prior to arriving, your expectations are too high. So, when you finally show up and get something, it seems lackluster. Not necessarily a popular opinion but an honest one.

Over the years restaurants have opened all over Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana. All of them honor Joe’s original vision – serve high quality food to industrious people who appreciate a good value. The venues may change, and the menu has expanded, but Primanti Bros. is always working hard to be your home town favorite no matter your home-town. (Primanti Brothers)

So a chain. They are famous for fries and coleslaw on sandwiches. Add Heinz ketchup and you’ve got Pennsylvania in a bun.


Located at 46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

Smiling Moose

If you’re looking for a niche place in Pittsburgh, go to the Smiling Moose. It’s got a small, cozy room where they hold activities. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer to bathe in when a band comes to town.


The Smiling Moose is a Premier Bar/Restaurant/ Venue located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side. Now in our 13th year of operation, we offer critically acclaimed cuisine, the country’s BEST live entertainment featured in our upstairs venue, and a 170 inch high Def Projection screen downstairs to watch all of your favorite sporting events/movies/etc. We have regular weekly events such as karaoke, trivia, various theme nights, and DJs—as well as daily food and drink specials (Smiling Moose)

Located at 1306 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


They are a family-run business who got their “license [in] 1983” (Scarpaci’s). They’ve got good beer and food. They hold an open mic “[e]very Wednesday beginning at 9:30 PM.  Sign up with Ron at 9 PM to be added to the list.” 

Located at 307 Shiloh St, Pittsburgh, PA 15211


Dee’s cafe

On, the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce describes it as being “[t]ucked in a little strip mall on Route 1 South, you will find Dee’s Cafe, a quaint, little spot to grab a bite for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The diner is a family affair, owned by Donna Normand and operated with her sons Ron and Andy.”

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Located at 1314 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Bella Notte

This is another establishment located in the historic Strip District.

A build-your-own pizza option shrouds thick crust in tomato sauce and heaps of toppings such as artichokes and roasted chicken while cooks transform the same dough into calzones pinching the edges as firmly as a grandmother pinches a favored mailman’s cheeks. (Bella Notte)

Sips of the 44 beers on tap chase mouthfuls of noodles from the ever-changing daily pasta specials, and smaller appetites receive satiation from isosceles triangles by nibbling pizza by the slice or by gnawing on the corners of neighboring tables. (Bella Notte)

Located at 1914 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh


Grist house brewery

This brewery is dog-friendly (according to an archived version of their website). Not necessarily an eatery, but beer counts as liquid bread.

Grist House Craft Brewery is located in the heart of Millvale, PA just minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh.  Family owned and operated, we strive to produce high-quality beer that is delicious and easy drinking. (Grist House Craft Brewery)

The brewery is loaded with character, from our taproom overlooking the brew system, our all-season deck and spacious outdoor beer garden (or ‘biergarten’ for yinz cultured folk), the relics from the old slaughterhouse, to the 100-year-old barn wood used to build the bar. (Grist House Craft Brewery)

Located at 10 E Sherman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

10 Amazing Places To Eat In Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is a city that you love or love to hate. You should love it. If you don’t love it, go try out some more shops. The one rule is that you can’t judge it based on its road system or Pittsburgh lefts.

Featured image via by Tim Savage