10 Amazing Pictures Of The Indiana University Campus

As one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation (fact), Indiana University does not disappoint in the aesthetic department. Its picturesque wooded areas and limestone buildings are symbolic of this mid-western university. Not only that, but the intense school spirit, nationally recognized programs, and friendly people in these pictures will make you wish you were starting school at IU tomorrow! Here are 10 pictures of Indiana University you’ll be obsessed with!

10 pictures of Indiana University you'll be obsessed with!

1. Is this a castle? Nope, just the Indiana Memorial Union!


2. G-O  H-O-O-S-I-E-R-S!

3. Even the tulips here bleed red and white! #yasss


4. The famous sample gates are always worthy of an aesthetic Instagram post.


5. The rumors are true.

If you kiss your significant other under the chapel on midnight on Valentine’s Day, you’ll stay together forever!

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6. Museum of Art

If you haven’t already, grab some friends, lay down and put your legs up against the building of the Museum of Art!


7. When it gets too hot outside, jump in! #dogdays


8. Blossoms

Look at these beautiful blossoms- oh, and peep Hodge Hall back there, home of the nationally ranked Kelley Business School.


9. Get ready for some thunder, because a storm is about to come through! #iufootball

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The storm is coming! #iufb #GoIU

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10. IU Jacobs School of Music

The famous IU Jacobs School of Music puts on some crazy good performances that you need to check out!

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