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5 Amazing Photographers To Follow

5 Amazing Photographers To Follow

I love photography so much. The image below of the girl in the red is one if my own! I grew up with a father who took photo’s all the time and still continues to do it professionally to this day. 

I am constantly being inspired by many photographers out there in the world and love to create new work myself. 

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your Instagram feed or just some new inspiration in your life, then here are 5 amazing photographers to start following now.


1. Tony Ryan 

Tony Ryan is a Melbourne based photographer who has photographed many AFL teams and players and has work featured in many magazines and magazine covers such as ultra-fit, core, and many more.

Ryan primarily focuses on nude and fitness photography but is an amazing portraiture artists when he wants to be.

His images are explosive, powerful, and very real. Minimal photoshop is used as his images are raw and powerful.


Ryan holds workshops on the weekends that help people learn to work and get to know a camera, and how to work alongside a model. 

Having met Tony, I can say with great faith, that he is a genuine person with a beautiful soul who’s images are worth looking at. 

So go give him a follow on his Instagram and maybe even attend some of his classes.


2. Andrew Rossington 

This one isn’t even biased. Although I know Andrew very well, I have learned so much from him through his teachings and having him mentor me through my photography.

His photographs are amazing and always very real and powerful. He uses no photoshop to enhance his images and likes to keep them pure and raw.


His photographs range from nude, fitness, different eras, weddings, and powerful portraits, all in which he is very talented.

I highly recommend following his Instagram and even looking at his website of empowered images.

I promise you it won’t disappoint. 


3. Annie Leibovitz 

I absolutely adore and admire the work in which Leibovitz has produced in her time. She is such an amazing and inspirational photographer that produces amazing work.

Leibovitz photographs a lot of famous individuals and mostly works on portraiture work that gives fascinating in-depth images of people.


Either look her up on google images to see some of her work or follow some social media accounts that post her work like this one.

You will not be disappointed with what you will be viewing.

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4. Steve McCurry

Everyone has seen his famous image of “Afghan girl” and there’s no surprise as to why. He has photographed countlessly for national geographic and has been featured in many magazines.

His work captures very real and very intimate images of people usually in third world countries. His images show very explosive uses of colour and his portraiture work is absolutely incredible.


His work is undeniably unique and is worth following if you want some amazing images to come up while you’re scrolling away. 

Go to his Instagram here.

5. Diane Arbus

Yes, Diane Arbus is dead, but there is a social media page called Diane Arbus that post’s incredible work to highlight the amazing images she captured throughout her lifetime.


Arbus was such an inspirational photographer and she definitely bought light to issues needing to be addressed. Arbus tried to normalize marginalized groups in society by photographing them. 

Her story is also quite amazing and definitely worth the read if you want to learn more about her and her life. 

There was even a movie made about her and her life starring Nicole Kidman which is an amazing watch!


Let me know who your favourite photographers are! 

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